Worst message boards on the internet


What are some of the most unvisitable forums ever known to man?

IMO, the all time worst forum on the internet has to be the Newgrounds BBS; it’s a terrible place. It was a shitty place ten years ago, and it’s still a shitty place now. The retention of users who signed up a decade ago is terrible, due to the fact that most the posters on that site are complete dipshits. Their forum is like the red-headed step child on somethingawful.

Second worst place was the Stamp-Collector-Aficionado Hang Out. Unfortunately, it was around for 6 months; it closed in the winter of 1995.

SRK is going to be on the list, unless the admins take out the advertisements and the Complex toolbar.


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BAR none SRK


Check out Capcom-Unity, iz bes in da whorl gurrunteed

Az wel az gamefaggots


Well, before I bought a dual-core laptop I couldn’t visit Tekkenzaibatsu without everything crashing on me.


4chan and SA.


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What is SA?


Something Awful.

Take 4chan, make it a pay forum (unless that’s changed), give it slightly more limits on what you can put it up, and make it about 1000x more cliquey.


It’s /b/ , hands down.


4 chan takes the cake easily.
Followed by this SRK’s UMvC3 section


Pretty much everything everyone said… barring this site and to a slightly lower extent GameFaqs, if only because there is at least a few people that are sane in that place… even if that number is only in the double digits… in the 20’s.


/b/ is misunderstood. It is hands down one of the most interesting places on the internet because it is a hodgepodge of topics; or at least it used to be before the first 4chan panel with moot. /t/ used to be great too but now its shitty.

p.s. /b/ was always shitty yadda yadda yadda


problem is that it’s the snottiness of the internet in absolutely pure, concentrated form.


Though definitely not the worst, I remember the WoW forums and WoW fanforums being pretty bad as far as attitudes go. Far worse than SRK. SRK is dingy in spots, but it’s honestly not that bad compared to other places. I’d wager that Smogon is worse at times.

SPUF is also… interesting.


Out of all the problems /b/ had, snottiness is not one of them. Actually the problem with /b/ was the bumrush of people that crushed it into a bigger pile of shit than it already was. Multiple threads at all times and a lot of random interesting shit in there. Dudes now a days don’t know who Snacks was. All of the good memes die. All that left is people thinking they can create memes.

Millhouse was not a meme but “Millhouse is not a meme” was a meme.


I don’t even know what Smogon is ><


We’ll have to just disagree on that, I’m not gonna budge :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a competitive Pokemon site… It’s… not very fun there to say the least.


league of legends forums


Smogon is fucking stupid. I remember signing up back in 2004 and it was fun when I was in high school and actually played pokemon. Then it turned into this stupid cliquey circle jerk