Worst Mismatch in the game

Just looking for some opinions here and sorry if something like this was posted already, but I did not see anything. What do you guys think is the absolute worse mismatch in SF4? Here are the one that come to mind, but if you guys have better ones, do tell.

Balrog vs. Blanka
Seth vs. Balrog
Blanka vs. Zangief
E.Honda vs. Viper
Sagat vs. Balrog
Blanka vs. Vega
Seth vs. Zangief

Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. I vote for Balrog vs. Blanka. Blanka can not do anything except die…

A thread about mismatches and Abel vs. Gief isn’t #1?

I think its gotta be Seth vs Gief, but I don’t play either character so I don’t know.

honda v sagat. TIGER TIGER TIGER

well, not the worst, but certainly up there.

Seth vs Elf
Gief vs Seth
Able vs Gief
Vega vs SFIV

Are all rather fun.

Poor Vega.

lol vega vs sf4.!

Sakura vs the entire cast

Good players vs Bad players.

/end story.


Give me a win button and the other guy a lose and I’ll still manage to lose the fight.

Abel vs. Gief
Fei vs. Gief

Isn’t fuerte vs. gief a bad one for the ruskie?

Balrog vs sagat is a bad mismatch? Blanka vs guile?

fuerte vs gief seems brutal for fuerte if you ask me

Guile vs sagat

I’ve yet to see evidence that a worse matchup than Gief vs Seth exists. Gief’s only option is basically a lucky headbutt + random hit.

Guile vs. Bison is funny

if anybody think it is something else then seth vs gief he hase NO DOUBT about the game the match is unbeatable for gief if it is on pro level seth is impossible to catch and wall/head jump allow him to perfektly zoon him out the match is ratet 8:2 and thats it… even the almost unwinable zangief vs sagat is not so bad…

If the people playing are bad

fei long vs. _____


i’d rep you if i could.


Worst arcade character matchup there is. Gief’s Jab beats everything. Not even a challenge.


hahhaa@ claw vs sf4 (that should include claw vs claw too, right?)

HAHAHAHA Vega get’s burnt. :nunchuck::nunchuck: