Worst Possible Date Ever, Epic LoLs


This is a thread I found on a bodybuilding forum

It’s basically a hilarious story about the worst date ever, it has pictures to go along with it, they are drawn and maybe NSFW.



… this again?


oh did someone recently post this?


This thread was up a couple months ago.

Either way, here’s a protip I brought up in the old thread:

If you’re ever caught in this situation, the trick to getting out of it is to lift the seat. That way, unless you have a baseball bat of a cock, you should be able to fit both your dick and anus over the bowl.


ya but that might cause your dick to go in the water


Well, you can feel free to shit and piss all over their floor and shower, then.


or not be such a fucking pussy and don’t be scared of public restrooms…