Worst Poster on SRK



OP is an acronym for Ostrich Penis.

Ostrich Penis is a slang term used for moderators of a forum who had the site administrator change their register date.

The OFFICIAL Call of Duty Thread: Black Ops MP info up!
SRK Lounge, Bawston Edition. GO SAWX!

Where am I on this poll? I never contribute to anything.

SRK Lounge: More like turned on by Lesbian Seagulls

pozerwolf :lol:


CUTEAST? lol. i see what you did there…


Keep up this trend of shitty threads and we’d have a contender to match up against BeGuiled.


What would happen if Cell absorbed Majin Buu?


my shit is everywhere right now


OP is a fag.


Amazing Funbags.


My vote goes to Tom Goes to the Ma


Cisco, only because I know he thinks he is the best poster of SRK history.

Oh and poop, poop is a moron.




Amazing Funbags.


I don’t get it, you’re both post 09’ so …yeah. Myself also included obviously



a fucking 10er hating on a 11er??



An extra 20-25 episodes would be needed to show an impossibly powerful villain get destroyed the same way that every other DBZ villain got destroyed: luck.


Much like weeaboos and bronies.



Didn’t even have to think about it.


I don’t know…

All I know is NickGuy0230 is the best.

<3 NickGuy0230 <3


I’m here, someone called me?