Worst Ryu I ever faced


Ten minutes ago I faced the worst Ryu EVER. He kept mashing out Dragon punches and Hadoukens and tick throws. However I demolished him VERY quickly because he has no idea how to deal with Cross counter.

He was level B -_-




Post the fight.


You spent time finding a pic im impressed! Ok being serious here I actually find no point in this post…



Ok I will find de match. And post it ASAP.


can’t wait man!!


I face the worst Ryu ever every time I log on to play SF4 online.


hook us up with that matchup exerience


Well ten minute ago I ate a bag of chips.

They were also level B-_-


I usually try to see if I can set a record for the most consecutive meaty DPs I can do before the opponent actually blocks on wake up. My current record is 6.


Don’t get me started on consecutive buttslams.


please save this sort of post for your blog