Worst Super


Vote for your (least) favorite!


I stand by my statement that Chun has both the best and worst supers in the game.


At least you can anti-air with it. :lol:


Twelve is so top tier. :rolleyes:


I vote for X.C.O.P.Y. even though it’s not one of the choices


Chun SA3, X.C.O.P.Y. , Temporal Thunder, and Total Destruction are pretty bad…


hadou burst?


Why is XFLAT in that list? watch a chikyuu match for god sake!.


Denjin hadou is also questionable. Denjin hadou has countless setups. Watch frankie3s and Ohdangitsyiwang use it. I thought it was a weak SA, but after playin people with knowledge of great set ups, my opinion totally changed.


Denjin is a good super.

Hadou Burst is not a bad super either.

The worst super in the game is Blue Nocturne


Blue Nocturne is much, MUCH better than Total Destruction, though it still doesn’t help as much as you want it to.

You can use Blue Nocturne to get away with a lot of bollocks that would normally just get parry/punished, because the opponent will be afraid of you just cancelling everything into the super. Most of Remy’s pokes can be cancelled immediately into BN as soon as you see the parry-flash, which pretty much swallows anything they’d throw out afterward (except of course a Gigas or something).

It’s still a crappy super because it doesn’t anti-air, and the damage is complete ass for the work you have to put into it, but it’s no Total Destruction, which is TOTAL shite.


PS. Jump-canceled XFLAT is great.


I can’t believe you put SGH as one of the worst supers in the game. That is just wrong.


To everybody who says “I can’t belive you put super X on the list:” Too many choices is better than too few. XFLAT is easily twelves worst super. while XCOPY isn’t good, at least twelve doesn’t have to play as twelve when he uses it. XNDL is obviuosly the super of choice for any serious twelve player(all 2 of them).


outside of EX meter, how is hadou burst any good?


The damage you get for that small of a bar is really amazing. You can hit-confirm it off low forwards, and low shorts. All of Sean’s supers are about equally effective and they all have different uses.


Total Destruction gets my vote.


Hadou Burst is just good, solid damage. With the bar being so short, it allows Sean to almost be a real character with legit combos. You pretty much always have enough meter to toss out a Hadou, so you end up doing meatty oldschool combos like (j. hk, c. mk xx Hadou) and {j. hp, c. hp xx Hadou). It’s laughable to think of Ryu and Ken as they used to have to fight, but a World Warrior mentality really helps Sean’s game.



ooh, ive seen some decent seans, but never seen anyone use hadou burst…

but that makes sense.


worst supers are Total Destruction, Healing, and Blue Nocturne

Why are any of Oro’s supers listed?


haha i forgot healing was even in the game.