Worst team/character combination

I am new to MVC3. I played MVC2 for a bit before SF4 rolled around and got wrecked.

I want to learn MVC3 the hard way by focusing on defense/basics.

What is the worst team to roll with? Or what are the bottomest-tier characters? Hsien-Ko/MODOK/Haggar? Some teams probably fail if they don’t have a certain anchor type character included, but would be OK otherwise. I’d like to know what is really the worst team so I can practice with that and build up a good team by learning what things I am missing.

I think you’re pretty safe with Tron/Phoenix Wright/Hsien-Ko. Wright has no good assists to help with evidence, Hsien can’t go gold, and Tron is useless. I can’t see why you’d ever want to use a team that’s that bad, but there you have it.

I don’t think there’s a necessarily worst team in the game. Even the one you listed with Hsien-Ko/MODOK/Haggar sounds like it could be annoying if used correctly. Some bad teams are ones where the characters make it harder for each other to do their respective jobs, like an extremely meter hungry character on a team with Phoenix.

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Real talk though, Haggar is solid this time around. MODOK is a sleeper character, and Hsien-Ko is pretty mediocre at everything but not a terrible character.

The worse team is not entirely based on the characters themselves, more on the type of teams who construct.

A team of Shehulk/Ironfist/Haggar would be bad team against keepaway cause those three don’t have teleports or counter projectiles to deal with it. A team of Arthur/Dormmamu/Phoenix Wright might as a hard time against teleporters because those are hard counters to keepaway teams.

It’s kinda like Rock/Paper/Scissors, except some Rocks are bigger than others and vice versa.

Though this team is pretty horrible, I think Tron would have to be anchor for the worst possible team combination. As an anchor she goes from below average/bad point character to downright awful in any other spot.

I can imagine that.

door bell rings

discostupid answers

Discostupid: Hello?



Haggar: “Comin in!!!”

worst team hmmm.

Phoenix on point/Shuma/Hsien ko.

Also be sure to pick the most shitty assist possible.

there it is.

If you want absolute shittyness.

go to H&H pic multiple man card and 2 nick fury (for the secondary wich is "marvel card get +1 rarity). for 3 hsien ko team.

Why someone would want to make a thread about this is beyond me.

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If you want to teach yourself how to safely call an assist, try using Phoenix A as your only assist.

Call it wrong once and you lose 1/3 of your team.