Worst team ever?

Im actually thinking about putting it together on the side, just to see what kind of damage and tech i could put together out of boredom. Maybe make it actually viable.

So far Im thinkin Paul/Yoshi. i’m not sure it’s the worst team out there, but i feel like it easily has the lowest damage output. Anyone else have anyone worse?

The cats

But with the cats, you have the Kuro infinite, so that’s something. I’m gonna agree and say Paul/Yoshi

The cats arent on xbox either so i kind of eliminated them by default lol. Other wise it would be Mega-man x Toro all day! lol!

Paul/Yoshi sounds pretty awful, but I haven’t had much time to mess around with Kuma. Maybe Paul/Kuma? Team no-range-and-terrible-pokes?

I wouldnt wanna use Kuma because of the armored bear stance move and the damage output. BUt if he didnt hurt so much id be so up for it haha

I don’t know if Paul is a candidate for the “worst team”, his damage output by himself is pretty good actually, so while I have NO idea what Yoshi can do, Paul alone can do some relatively easy damage.

If brought in properly, the Fancy Bear can do some serious damage. It would be funny to troll with him and Paul though…

I agree with Yoshi, but not so much with Paul. I don’t know what his damage output is like because I dont’ play him, but a friend of mine plays Ryu/Paul and manages to pump out fairly nice damage with him (~400 meterless it seems like most of the time)
The only real complaints he’s had about paul is that for the damage he’s able to put out, he should either be faster, or have any defense at all.

So uh

The most i’ve ever done meterless with paul is 354 in the corner. I am extremely curious to know how exactly your friend does 400 meterless with him O_O
Next off Paul is on my list for worst because of his terrible pokes, terrible situational combos. (Cr.Lk Cr.Mk St.HP QCF PP, Cr. Mp, Cr. Mk, QCF P) is the best combo ive found from anywhere on the screen and it only does 320 dmg.
I really think he is terrible, in some situations worse then Yoshi, but deals more damage.

Oh yea and wtf can he do on the opponents wake up? Block dp or jump Mk cross up?

Or mash throw

Maybe ill use that team sometime too, just because how hilarious they would be. Could be fun to play as them together!

OH yea best i got with Yoshi if anyones curious is like 250 without meter and about 308 with one bar… :’[

he actually has a really nice mix up game! that’s where he shines tbh
he’s got plenty of overheads, and that ex move where he dashes back a bit before punching twice and causing a wall bounce is really nice for throwing people off too
he’s got plenty of tools to help out his oki game, though most of it boils down to punishing rolls with a cross up and going into a combo, or, if they dont roll, frame traps, overheads, and high/low mixups

how you should be playing him anyways is how you handle enemies on wakeup i guess is the best way to put it??? his oki game feels really similar to hwoarang’s from what i’ve noticed. lots of high/low mixups

edit: oh, and i don’t actually have an answer for how my friend manages to do so much meterless damage with him, sorry :frowning:

Im not going to deny i like a few of his mix up options. But not a single overhead/ mixup he has is safe. His hammer of the gods punch i believe is -6 on block. Where as his whole Hang over chain is probaly the easiest tekken chain to learn and block. i think the follow up low kick is only -1 on block. but that still takes away much momentum Paul desperately needs.

The only real pressure i can find with Paul (in high level play) is basic Cr./ St. Lp pressure. Safe and i can hit confirm into about a 192 damage combo xD HIs Cr.Mp is also decent for pressure at +2 on block.

All these things i’ve listed paired with his wonderful walk speed and hilarious backdash/ mediocre special moves (With the exception of mortar punch which all versions but Ex are safe on block.) bad pokes, low damage.
Im sorry but i really think he could be the second worst character in the game. The only character i can think of that’s worse is Yoshi : /

Kuma is actually better than what people make him out to be.

his b.HP is a very tall AA, his frolicking bear is also a good AA, his 3 hit c-cleft combo is very fast and easily cancelable, he has an overhead special move that ground bounces, he has a projectile invincible wallbounce attack, he has an armored moved, he has a low attack launcher, he has a projectile duck, he has command grabs, a projectile invincible roll that can punish projectile spammers with a follow up grab attack that does a lot of damage, he has good range on non-kicking attacks, he has GREAT damage and a ton of health. A huge plus is that his high damage combos are retardedly easy to pull off.

he also has Vega’s jumping HP which is reasonably fast and damaging, and Hakan’s jumping HK which is a good air-to-air attack.

his weaknesses though are his slow speed, his kicks are damn near useless save for s.HK and cr.HK, he has no cross-ups, one of his two command grabs only connects with standing opponents and the other is kind of tricky to input.