Worst (Tiers) Character in a Fighting Game?

This could be an interesting discussion. Every game has that ONE characters that is the pun of every joke regarding balance. SF2 Gief, VSav Anakaris, MvC2 Roll, and even now there are jokes aplenty at the expense of UMvC3 Hsien-Ko. My real question is: What is the worst, in regards to tiers, character in a game you know of? Name any fighter you want, be it big, obscure, new, or old.

Bleach DS – Yuichi Shibata.

Roll is pretty horrid in MvC2

What makes him so bad? Never even heard of the game until now.

Ball from Gundam Battle Assault 2

Worst health in the game, mediocre damage, no super, and his beam cannon aka: his best move can only be used 5 times at max (5 for light version, once for heavy version).
Not much going for ball really.

In the game’s story mode, he’s a helpless NPC that you have to protect from enemies in one mission. He has all of the mobility, strength, range, and health that you’d expect an unarmed six-year-old with no fighting experience to have.

Now imagine what happens when they make him playable.

Yoshimitsu has consistently been placed at the bottom tier in Tekken games after 3 so I’d say him. Kuma is also there with him usually.

Tiger Megazord

His only saving grace is that he isn’t Tweleve.

Roll in MvC2…

She’s Servbot with less options and a bigger hurtbox. Several characters have an infinite that work solely on her as well, just to add to her shittiness.

Speaking of Roll, Hakushon Daimao in TvC. So shitty that even Roll has an infinite on him. A painful looking one at that.

Speaking of Bleach DS…
Isn’t there a stuffed bear or something that just hurls himself around the screen?

Well that is something new to me, i used to play with him and Ninja Megazord and never noticed him being the roll of the game :confused:

I don’t know if he was actually the worst character in the game silver horns might have been worse i was just reminded of him from this old vid:

You know you’re in trouble when your super is to turn into a better character.

Isn’t Dan eligible in most games he’s in? He may not be the worst all the time (there’s Roll to steal the show in MvC2) but he should get a prize for consistently bad.

Don’t trust the noobs: Gief is very good in SF2. He insta-lost to Guile, that was all.

Ryu was bottom-tier in that game.

Yoda in SC4 is pretty awful.

think roll was the worst in MVC1 also. And I think jago was the worst in KI

To be fair, Roll SHOULD be the worst character in any game that she’s in. She’s Mega Man’s domesticated sister.