Worst Video Game you've ever played, shit we wished we could forget

I was looking back at some of my old gameboy games from when i was a kid and i realized i bought some games that were bad. I mean REALLY bad. Shit so bad I’m surprised it was ever released in the first place…

This game doesn’t really need explaining, id just seen shrek and wanted shrek wrestling like any other normal kid would, at the time it seemed so badass! When they didn’t have wrestling i settled for racing and ended up with this pile of trash. nuff said.

This right here is the real deal. Honest to god the worst game i have ever played. Bar none no game has even come close, it was seriously painful to play. I still have nightmares from the shitty 10second mariachi music that was looped for the entire fucking game! I don’t even know where the hell i got this game, i think a friend gave it me or something. I ended up just throwing it away. However it came to be in my possession i’m ashamed to say i beat it. Really…just indescribably bad.

So folks just go nuts! Lets see the worst of the worst shall we?



Without a doubt, that Yaris game on XBLA. Wasted so many hours trying to get all the achievements. Worst part was that the game didn’t allow you to switch the Y-axis, so I was forced to learn “normal” aiming because the game lacked an inverted option. Thank god Microsoft removed that POS from the marketplace to save any other poor souls from downloading it due to the enticing price tag of ‘free’.

Oh gosh, there are so many, but the two games coming to mind right now are Earthbound and No More Heroes. I’m sure that when Neverdead comes out (if it hasn’t already) it’ll join the ranks, too.

Toxic Crusaders on NES

Game set match.

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The Little Mermaid for the Genesis. Fuck that game

Sonic the Hedgehog on PS3/360.

What the fuck? Just… What the fuck?!

Battlefield 3.
My worst purchase of the '11 year.
Some old games too, lemme jog my memory

Popular Game

Can I be cool, now?

No one said Superman 64 yet?

To the people who said battlefield 3 and no more heros: Really? that’s the worst game you’ve played? really?

Anyway, I’ll say… actually I have a lot. For starters: That GBA banjo-kazooie game just was a really shoddy game. For gamecube, I had some Casper the friendly ghost video game that had flight mechanics that just made me hate everything (it was a bargain bin game, and now I never look in bargain bins), aaaand, finally, Final Fantasy V for playstation. I do not know why, but I just do not like playing this game. I’ve played 1-6, except for 5. it’s so bizzare.

I never did have the pleasure of playing superman 64 or the ever infamous ET the Extra terrestrial.

Those ps1 Final Fantasy 4-6 and Chrono Trigger had SO MUCH FUCKING LOAD TIME ARRGGHHH. Seriously why??

indie anime fighters, anime porn games, and those games fueled by shitty Korean/Japanese story lines.

^ Superman 64 was fucking bad, you are missing out on a whole lotta shit sandwich

I’m sorry but if you play any of the new fighters, your statement is invalid

oh hell yeah…the hate should be delicious in this thread… let’s see…

there was some side-scrolling shootemup released on Live Arcade in the early days of the 360…I can never remember the name, but it was atrocious; I deleted the trial immediately. Heh, I remember thinking “ok, let’s check out the upgraded graphics then” since it was an enhanced port of a very old game…then I realized…oh…THAT WAS the upgraded graphics!? It’s still one of the worst things I’ve ever tried on Live Arcade. At least Yaris was funny. I’ll have to get back to this when I remember the name…

From this generation there is Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon– it was disappointing in every way from the subpar graphics, to the sparsely populated environments, attempts at humor that often fell flat… I think even the sounds and music were underwhelming.

When thinking about "…of all time, Bart Simpson vs. the Space Mutants comes to mind right away for me. People only bought this shit because it was a game featuring The Simpsons (*most were probably like me in hoping it would be somewhat similar to the quality of the beloved arcade game). The control was sloppy and terrible… graphics were disappointing even for 8-bit expectations, imo…music was forgettable, and the shit was basically IMPOSSIBLE to beat…and some shit didn’t even make sense… like what was up with that large T-Rex section in the museum? If you landed on anything other than a specific area on the T-rex, you’d fall thru it to the bottomless pit underneath. So…what is the T-Rex exhibit standing on, then? Why would a bottomless pit be there with something on top of it? Why would the shit be apparently intangible on most of its body aside from the one spot you’re supposed to jump on? This one part is such bullshit it made me want to smash the cartridge into several pieces. The whole game is just a pile of disappointment and stupidity.

Others that come to mind are Rise of the Robots 2, and that Sonic game where you’re racing other Sonic characters…Sonic R? It was released on Saturn.

…oh yeah—check out “Dead Block” on Live Arcade/PSN. That’s one of those that’s so bad you don’t even have to play it for yourself…just watch youtube footage and you’ll see… there is absolutely nothing about that game that looks to like anything resembling “fun”.

*edit— I just checked it out, and that Shrek kart racer is the worst-looking kart racer I’ve ever seen. That is disgusting.

You mean like Pocket Fighter 2: Street Fighter x Tekken?

Anyone here ever play Beyond the Beyond?

That ps1 game?

Those games are bad if the porn they provide is bad.

doesn’t matter, those games are a waste of fucking time.