Worth buying a PS3 right now? (First time poster)



I’ve been lurking these forums for a while now mostly for 3rd Strike and older game discussions and I find it nice to find a forum whose lingo I can understand. I started playing SF2 at the local Round Table during Middle/High School (Yeah I’m old) and stopped playing when after the local arcade, and along with it MvC2/SF3, disappeared. I was competitive on cabinets but not so much on consoles (Nobody in my group of friends will play seriously anymore) and I want to get back into being able to play against someone online else since I have the time now.

So my dilemma is this. Reading up on launch titles for next gen there is only KI, which is not my speed, and then there is also GG which is my speed but doesn’t even have an arcade launch date. There’s also a local mini golf/arcade opening up in my community, but my community is small so even if they get, for example, a SSF4:AE cabinet I’m not sure if there will be too many regulars. I also don’t want to be “That guy” who is always playing “That game”. Should I wait for PS4/Xbone to come out and get a discounted PS3? Will I have any issues buying a used one? (Is it Jailbroken, etc)

Bonus question: I was alright on playing on an arcade stick (In the arcade), but I did feel like I got better using a pad when SF2 hit the SNES, and I used the 15th anniversary Pad with the PS2 anniversary collection which was alright. I saw the MC/TE stick for a hundred bucks at gamestop, should I just get that too, or should I start off with one of those SF4 fightpads? I really don’t consider myself hampered by one or the other, though I do have the habit of standing when I play.

Sorry if this is long winded, but I’ve been watching you guys having too much fun on Streams while playing other s#!t like WoW, and getting bodied by some neckbeard in an MMO just isn’t the same.


If you want it, buy it. PS4 will not be backwards compatible with PS3 games, and most of the current gen of games are receiving at least one additional update/sequel on the current gen of consoles before the next gen comes out.

If SF4 is the only game you’re interested in, remember you can also buy it for PC, along with Skullgirls/Divekick/KoF XIII. The Xbox 360 online community is also more active than PS3 for Capcom games.

If you’re interested in Guilty Gear or similar games, it’s a great time to buy a PS3, as the newest version of GG is currently on (Japanese) PSN, and Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue are both receiving sequels very soon.


Thanks for info, especially with the GG info. I guess I answered my own question with the fightstick part. Now the only problem is should I take a risk on buying a PS3 Fightstick with the hopes it will work on my PC. I plan to get SF4 for both pc and PS3.


If you know what chipset your main board is based on, post up in the newbie thread in tech talk. They’ll probably be able to tell you if it’ll work.


Thanks for that. So far I did find out that it does work for Windows 7 and fortunately I already have motionjoy for troubleshooting. Now I am sifting through MadCatZ PS3 TE FightStick: PC - Xp- vista- win7 32-64bit (read 1st post)


Hey, first post here, just wanna recommend the xinput wrapper instead of motioninjoy. I swapped over to it when mij’s servers went down for a couple weeks, making my PS3 pad completely unusable since the analog sticks don’t work without a connection to their servers.

After it’s installed your PC just always thinks it has a 360 pad plugged in and the drivers automatically map your PS3 pad over to the matching 360 buttons.

Hope I’ve helped and not broken any rules.


After going through all the newbie faqs I decided to try to find a stick online, after some initial difficulty with available sticks I came up with this:

It seems like the best option is to go for an Xbox stick for now and either use one of the cheap converters and pray or dual pcb it. I want to do the latter but I couldn’t find too much info on the logistics of dual converting this particular model. Should I pull the trigger? Any inputs on this as a platform for dual modding/modding in general?

Edit: Should I have posted these questions in tech?


Yes, you should ask in tech, but if you want a dual modded stick, many already come that way.

I highly recommend the Qanba Q4: http://www.eightarc.com/qanba-q4/. The felt on the bottom is truly godlike for making sure it doesn’t slip around on your lap.


Putting in an order right now. Thanks for the quick responses.


Yes, and not just for fighting games either.

Uncharted 1,2,3
The Last of Us
inFamous 1,2
PS+ (17.99 for 3 months to test it out, you get plenty of free games and discounts)

But yeah, lot of PS3 only games that will keep you busy until you’re ready for a PS4, and Sony, unlike other companies, has strong support for their older consoles and even have more games coming to the PS3 in light of PS4 being released.


the psn community for sf4 has a lot of players but is very laggy and frustrating. the GFWL (PC) community for SF4 is small but has better connections. the Xbox Live community for SF4 is large and has great connections. you can buy xbox 360s for cheap on ebay or craigslist. xbox live still has older titles like SF3/2.


PS3 is frustrating for SF4, but for 3S OE and SFxT it’s been very good. At least in my experience.


Damn good info guys. I was pretty much against anything Xbox just because of the old RROD issues and not to mention the whole Xbone fiasco.

…but I really, REALLY hate connection issues. I know that online it’s a given but man I get OCD about lag sometimes even on something like a wired vs wireless controller.


The only thing I would mention is that the PS3 is obviously going to go down in price after the PS4 comes out. So, there’s no reason not to get a PS3, but you could potentially save some cash by buying a PS3 later. It depends on how much you want to play in that interim.


Hi all.I joined this forum today and like the thread creator, I’ve done some creeping around these forums too because it seems to have answers to most the questions I ask and questions didn’t think to ask. A truly incredible site.

Anyway its been 5 months since this thread was created and I have been wanting to get an arcade stick for a while. I did my research and found one that suits me. Aside from choosing which console for future game purchases (I own 360 and PS3), I am bothered by an even larger problem. Should I bother buying an arcade stick for the 360/PS3 generation or should I get one for the XB1/PS4. New consoles are nice but I haven’t read about many fighting games available for them.

I was hoping maybe a couple of vets in the fighting game community would share their speculations as to how much time would go by before XB1/PS4 would have a decent sized library of fighting games. I am also curious as to how currently active the fighting scene is for the 360/PS3 now that there is a new generation out. I don’t doubt that there are still people playing on their 360/PS3’s but how long before they all migrate to the newer systems?

Before people start suggesting pc fighting I should mention I am not very tech savy. I have some games on my laptop but my handicap when it comes to the pc is knowlege of its capability. When a game mentions its system requirements I understand very little beyond the term operating system. I have no idea what-so-ever of how to rank graphics (if i meet at least the minimum requirements or not). So saying things like “The community on pc for SuperkingofKombat23: Roshambo Edition will remain strong long after the new gens have come out” don’t help my situation.

I want to get a Qanba Q4 but I’m not thrilled spending $150 on something that I might only get to use for 6 or less months depending on where the community goes


Since the PS4 is not backwards compatible, and there PS3 titles you like then go for the PS3.


I would recommend buying the stick you want now; it will be at least a year before the next gen is the tournament standard, and probably much longer than that. Some games will never receive a port to next gen, so you’ll always have to play them on older systems. The lack of backwards compatibility will probably generate a big enough market for lagless adapters that you’ll be able to buy one before the next big wave of fighting games hits next gen consoles, and not even worry about replacing your stick.


get both, and always lay the systems flat to help avoid rrod and ylod.