Worth getting a stick for?

I don’t have a stick, and after seeing the Ultimate edition of this game is only $30>, I knew it was time to buy it. I loved Persona 4 Golden and could see myself putting some serious time in. I’ve played SFIV on pad and it’s way too hard, is this the same way? Mortal Kombat is easy on pad. Also, which is better: SCV stick or MLG stick? Thanks!

Buying a stick will probably help you out in other fighters and overall just makes fighters more fun.
Although Persona is pretty okay on pad, I can’t imagine playing it any other way.

Also, SCV stick is like 80 dollars with the recent promo codes going around soooooooo I’d probably go for that if I were you.
I’ve had one for the past couple of months, and despite it not being dual modded it’s worked out without any failures!

It’ll be the same as learning any other new device. It’ll take some getting used to.

Using a stick won’t necessarily improve your play. Depends on what control scheme you feel most comfortable with. Persona 4 only requires 4 buttons, so it’s nice to be able to play with just face buttons. There’s some finger contortionist stuff that goes on though if you want to manually hit 3 buttons for burst and rapids, so you’ll probably end up relying on triggers and shoulderbuttons for those. Some characters require you to hold buttons down as part of their neutral play, so that might be an issue for some pad players (Slab, Yukiko, etc).

As for sticks … ‘SCV’ or ‘MLG’ stick – do you mean the MadCatz SCV or the Hori SCV? I’m assuming you mean the MadCatz since both that and the MLG are common sale items these days. Either way, you’re getting the same parts, so it’s all on the button layout you prefer and size/contours of the stick. The SCV stick has a unique bevel and the shaded plastic is pretty cool – I have one myself, so I’d go with it if the price point is identical.

If you found SF4 difficult on pad, then you’re probably find this game difficult also. That said, you’re going to have a hard time adjusting to the stick as well; it’ll be a couple months before your execution is decent. I would certainly recommend trying to play on pad before you go buying a $120 stick that you may not have a need to use.

I think a proper control scheme is important to play on pad, because there are so many 2-button combinations in P4A. I HIGHLY recommend you use the default control scheme regardless of what you’re used to from other games, because throwing and AoA mashing are easiest that way. R1+B will OMC and R1+D will burst, it’s convenient once you get used to it. The only other difficulties you may find on pad are IADing, or trying to play Yukiko/Shadow Labrys and holding buttons, but both of those things can be remedied with some hours of practice.

I ended up not getting those two because after ship+tax, $97

Sticks are just more fun in general, but this game plays just as well on pad. On stick, make sure you practice IAD because that’s important for this game

I’ve been playing P4A since launch on a pad, and I haven’t had too much trouble with it, but I’m planning on getting a stick soon. I have trouble with some of the 3 button inputs such as Bursts, and normally have to use stick presses or triggers, which I find clunky.

I started with using a pad for SFIV and SF Third Strike and had a blast just with a pad. I recently got a Qanba Q4 though and found myself having a better time with SF but I find I have more fun playing P4AU. The stick does take some time to get used to, more specifically the joystick and how much more effort it takes to get the stick to move where you want and as quickly as you want. All that being said I had no intention on buying a stick but I spend so much time watching tournaments on Twitch and videos on YouTube that I decided to commit time to practicing every day.

That being said, if you are really into it and are willing to commit to practicing and can afford it then I say go for it. I did find myself getting frustrated when I played SFIV at first but I had to find the game that I had the most fun with and now I don’t plan on giving up.