Worth getting the Street Fighter 4 Tournament Edition arcade stick

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I like them . . . have you tried here:

If you plan to quit street fighter in 6 months don’t do it, other wise get it and then sell it to somebody Local if you tire of it. Also you could mod your namco with a Cthulhu board if you play on PC. I don’t think the Xbox TE is compatible with some emulators or doesn’t play nice, that is a factor. Cthulhu is a good ol relaible PCB.

I’m using the PS3 edition stick on my PC, works like a charm. Most people seem to use PS3s for tourneys, and my buddies have SFIV for PS3 which is why I chose that controller instead of the xbox360 one…

The stick is GREAT for games beyond SFIV, excellent for MAME and emulators… Even if you tire of SFIV, you have a ton of other games that will work great with that controller.

However, from what I’ve read, the PS3 TE stick does not work if you have an AMD or Nvidia chipset, it will only for on an Intel/VIA Northbridge Chipset… I have an i7 920 X58 setup and it works great. If you have an AMD/Nvidia chipset the Xbox360 one should work just fine however.