Worth getting?

Hey guys,

I actually have MvC2 on the Dreamcast, but as my Dreamcast hasn’t worked in a few years I was thinking about getting it off PSN.

Just wondering how everyone still rates it, I remember it was a great game back in the day, kind of just wondering how active the community is and if the people that still play it would recommend picking it up again.

It’s still the greatest game in the world, everyone should be playing it

So the PSN port holds up well? That was my biggest concern, I’ve played a fair few bad ports before.

Playing Magneto tends to be annoying on it… Other than that its great.

its the best port available…but then again i learned the game on ps3. if you ask some people 360 is faster, but idk. for ROM i think you have to do it higher off the ground? and for some reason guile and blackheart got buffed a bit in the port, but its still mvc2 and it’s ONLINE!

^This 100 times

I’ve just started it up again, running Gief/Colossus/Cable at the moment because I’ve gotta represent my boy Gief and I remember the other two from the 90s X-Men cartoons. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some competition for it, it’s been aages since I’ve played this, it would be at least six years now.

Good luck starting gief! Honestly I do use him sometimes but it’s always tough and I normally slot him as an assist… (ground assist is nice)…

Welcome back to the game… once your back into the groove if you want games sometime hit me up PSN: astalas

yo you shouldn’t even ask. MvC2 is like, automatic yes.

I’d love to play some PSN games, I’m Australian though so my connection is shit-house with 99% of the forum. Gief has always had issues with proper zoning but he hits like a truck and Colossus and Cable seem to work fairly well with him.

I play with peeps from japan all the time with decently lagless matches… we can try it. Add me n whatnot.

I like gief in the middle. If you start him the op has every option on their team to deal with him and that can be pretty scary. Of the gods magnus is the only one who can’t just strait up lame gief out with zoning for free basically. I wouldn’t want him last b/c then he could end up stuck playing solo… which is really bad most of the time…

when im just fucking around i run hulk/sent/gief. fun team with some good traps, and hulks AAA fuckin hurts

if you want to play me for fun, my tag is NickGuy032008

Of course it’s worth getting! The only bad thing about it is that it’s not the same oppose to the arcade or on Dreamcast. Jumping from DC to either one of the next-gen consoles you’ll definitely notice the difference but you can’t beat online play so… gotta compensate somewhere I suppose.

MvC2 >

I’ve picked it up again, the game is possibly better than I remembered, as I said, I haven’t touched it in probably six years and I was a fair bit younger then obviously. It’s a ton of fun, but honestly, I’m shit at it like with most fighters for the first time trying to take them seriously, I mean, I’m a lab monster I can execute specials like a boss but when it comes to playing the game I’d be free in any comp. I’m gonna practice it on the side though next to KoFXIII and UMvC3 but we’ll see what happens with SxT and CS: Extend.

You’ll probably be given perspective on MvC3 once you’ve gotten fully back into the groove of MvC2. You’ll prolly end up playing mvc3 and asking yourself stuff like… wtf is wrong with my hit boxes! Why are cross ups all funky for some reason? Why do people flip out of combo resets like they are a balloon full of helium? Ect… ect… lol Three just doesn’t hold up if you’ve gotten back into two… certainly just my opinion but gods did I try to like that game. To me it’s like ssf4… so scrub friendly that it’s frustrating to a casual player who isn’t a noob. Rant off (sorry…haha)