Worth importing?


I’d Mainly be playing it single player since i don’t have many people to play games with offline
it looks somewhat cool though
is it worth it though?
probably not


Pretty sure you just answered your own question.:stuck_out_tongue:


well i wanted to know other peoples opinions on if they think the SP Experience is worth anything


It all depends. Are you willing on hacking your US console? or Chipping it? Do you have a JP Console? If so, how much are you willing to spend? Ultimately, nearly everyone in this board will tell you to get it, but you’ve just got to be willing to do what it takes.

Imo, get it. Import it (or obtain it through…other…means…I guess.) and use Homebrew on your US or just boot it on your JP console. Chipping is just blah.


well i think it looks kinda cool
but with SFIV coming out soon
it’s coolness factor decreases a bit
so i don’t know what to say or do


Without live competition, this game isnt fun.


well then i think I’ve made up my mind
btw thanks for the replies guys


Without live competition a lot of fighting games go stale. That said, I play more often than not on single player and I’ve had quite a good time playing this game. Just the same, if you are a loner, then you’ll find it hard to improve your game. I think you should imagine how it would play out for you.


I’m used to that shit by now… Whenever I buy mad fighting games it’s inevitable that it’s probably only for experimentation in training mode. I still find it fun though, but maybe that’s just me.


Same here, no1 plays fighting games in my area.

I’d say it’s worth it.
It’s a new direction compared to other vs games, and hacking your Wii is inexpensive and easy compared to modding.

I’m getting it.


Does anyone need a copy?