Worth it to change the SE joystick specifically?

I know people say its better to change the SE parts, and I definitely plan to change out the buttons on mine, but is it worth the 20 bucks replace the joystick with a Sanwa one? Is there a noticeable difference in quality between a Sanwa joystick and the stock one? Just debating whether to get a new one or not.


I think so… the SE stick microswitches aren’t that great and soon stuff will stop registering. At least it happened in my case. I also never preferred the feel of the stick. The JLF is miles better and I don’t even like the JLF that much.

I think its worth the money to replace the SE stock stick with a Sanwa or Seimitsu joystick. Actual arcade hardware is design to take use and abuse, odds are a single user can use the same stick for as long as 20 years with out issue.

Sanwa is worth it. Unless if you are talking the WWE or TvC sticks, they’re in a league of their own apart from the SE stick. They use actual Omron microswitches, the same found in JLF sticks. However, they still aren’t quite Sanwa, but are nice alternative.

I noticed a difference swapping out the stock SF4 SE stick for a JLF. You might as well while you have it open.

id say go with the Semitsu LS-32 rather than the JLF but thats just me.

I’ve modded two SE sticks to Sanwa now (also moving to an octogonal gate,) and I’ve been super super happy. Way better feel. The gate change has seriously increased my level of execution. (Although, my execution isn’t spectacular to begin with :slight_smile:

OG SE, replace the entire stick. TVC or WWE, swapping in a Sanwa spring will make it feel like a JLF…

I suggest you replace the stick and buttons; there are multiple posts and videos of problems with the stock stick and especially the buttons.

I kept some components of the stock stick, but replaced the actuator, spring, restrictor, and pivot to sanwa parts. I have been using it for less than a month, and am seeing how long it lasts, fyi. My cousin (whom I received the se case and broken stick from) says my custom-ish stick feels like his sanwa jlf, only very slightly more stiff (than the sanwa jlf); he has been using his te stick, and couple of other sticks, for many months. I did have to modify the jlf-clone’s main body (stock mad catz se stick) to accept the sanwa restrictor and added painters tape as a spacer to tighten up the tolerances (as well protect from possible washer float). I did not glue the washer to the main body.

I noticed the clone’s restrictor( vs the sanwa restrictor) is thinner and the square gate appears to be shaped differently (tapered, and slightly larger?)

I ordered the parts along with buttons (they failed on my cousin whom put them in a custom case) from lizard lick and everything has been amazing since I placed the order
My SE Stick

The stock SE stick is horrible, if you put any amount of mileage on it you’ll end up with a lot of frustration and you’ll eventually need to replace it anyway. Do it now or you’ll wish you had done it sooner when the thing finally busts.

100% yes!

Go Seimitsu.


This! LS-55’s my favorite, it’s what I have in my SE now

I love the LS-56 so much that I have it in my VLX and Q3 RAF sticks!

Anyway, I’ve had a bad experience with the SE stick from the first second I started playing on it. Stick would not register down back(crouch block) unless I yanked it into the corner of the square gate. 2 of my buttons died not too long out of the box either and clips in the button housing already showed stress marks and snapped. A week later, the graphic, stick and buttons were completely swapped out.
My SE Stick