Worth it to purchase a 360?

I currently own a PS3 and am really enjoying SF4. However, I have heard that the online for xbox is better because there are more people playing SF on XBL and I could get better competition.

Is the difference worth getting an xbox over? I should be able to afford the system but it is obviously a big purchase.
just trying to get better at SF and would like some advise.

Thanks in advance.
(also if this is in the wrong forum please let me know)

I own a 360 and do not have a PS3 currently but I heard it is the other way around and there is more competition on the PS3. Go figure but the online is better for shooters and stuff because a large population is on Live. I would think there is more people playing SF4 on the PSN because it is free.

All I have to say is you heard correctly.

I have both. It is much quicker to get a match on the 360, at least in G2

Get the Xbox, I have no trouble finding matches anytime of the day. But today was slow as hell for some reason, I think it had something to do with MW2’s map pack and BC 2’s map pack.

I don’t really play SF4 but in my experience, playing HDR on XBL is much smoother than on PSN. Maybe it has something to do with wireless being built in to the PS3 so more people use it, I don’t know. But most matches I get on Live are great, I always get lag on while playing the PS3 version.

The weird thing is, any first person shooter I’ve played on PSN was fine.

I used to laugh when people said the 360 was better for online play, thinking it was all some propaganda.

Then I got SFIV for the 360, and… yes, it is better. No doubt at all in my mind.

Well I have both and I prefere the 360 for online play. I can enter Fight Req and get a match still at the VS screen. Where on the ps3 I was getting matchs 3 rounds later.

thank you all for the quick and helpful responses. I have decided to sell a couple of my old ps3 games on craigslist to help finance my purchase of the elite bundle deal through gamestop which has halo odst and forza 3 (gives a 50 dollar store credit card as well which will pay for ssf4). I also already have an xbox pad to use from my pc gaming. I can’t get to tournaments or meetings often so I need good online play.

Anyway, thanks for helping me make an informed choice. please let this topic die.

You can delete your post.

yea with fight req on xbox live i never get to finish match against the cpu.
it doesnt what mode i have to set to it aways finds matches quickly.