Worth it?



I’m currently playing the trial mode of Skullgirls on XBLA, and firstly I must say the art and art style is fantastic! Absolutely love it!

However, is it worth buying? I know a lot of you will simply say it is because hey I’m in that area of the forum it makes sense. But, are there any games you can liken it to? Any golden points and any flaws pointed out would be nice too, and also what is the online like? Many players, good netcode etc?

I just want to make sure before I sink 1200 points into it. Thanks :slight_smile:


Its a mix between Guilty Gear and MvC2. It is very much worth it.

Not too many players online at the moment but you can find people directly here on SRK. The Netcode is fantastic.

Don’t buy the hype that the game is complicated to play; it isn’t really hard to pick up. It just so happens that the combos are a little hard. People usually take hard combos to do as a sign that the game is hard to play.


If it stayed the way it is now except with no support and barely any change, then no. Luckily, Mike Z and team is at the helm with their CONSTANT support and the amount of things that will go into this game will make it a worthwhile purchase. They have a huge patch coming that is the biggest I’ve seen in any fighting game, which addresses and tweaks so many flaws/inconsistencies/etc. of the game that it’s not even funny. Every fighting game has to start somewhere lol.

So, yes, it’s definitely worth a buy thanks to knowing that the game will keep getting better.


After playing through the trial it did seem a lot of fun.

Is there any point in buying it now and not waiting until the patch comes out to buy it?

One thing I did notice, is that there seems to be a lack of character specific trial modes, or are they all included in the locked (for trial mode) tutorial lessons?


Did you sign up just to post that?


Yes he did.

There are no trial modes like in SF4 or Marvel; the tutorial is there to teach people how to play fighting games in general. We do have the threads and plenty of stuff in the various combo threads so you won’t be without stuff to get you started. There is a patch incoming which will change the way the combo system works so expect an incoming flood of new stuff soon.


Thanks Pertho.

Like you say, when I saw the stuff on this forum that had all the character specific support I was taken aback by the amount of support for an XBLA/PSN game. I’m definitely considering dishing out my MSP now.

Seems quite unique in the sense that you can just choose one character to fight against someone elses 3 characters, but they’re all powered down/up accordingly. That’s quite cool.


I don’t have much extra money, not having a job and all, so when I spend money I really feel it. That said, I feel that Skullgirls has been the best $15 I’ve ever spent. I’m not sure that I’ve had more fun with any other game (aside from maybe the Disgaea series). Between the game’s awesomeness, having chances to speak directly with Mike Z very often, beautiful art, extensive color sets (eventually), the IPS that gives you freedom and structure at the same time, It’s just… amazing. The game is still very bare-bones, only eight characters and limited online abilities and modes (all going to be beefed up soon), but for 15 bucks and the promise of things to come (including the free 24 colors coming in the upcoming patch (3 per character), and the additional 32 colors after that (4 per character) for $1 per character or $4 for all of them) I have not once regretted buying the game. I’ve enjoyed it more than I ever imagined I could.


Hrm, the game is definitely getting a platinum reception, and I most definitely respect everybody’s opinion on this forum. Except maybe for people like SockNight’s.

Could anybody explain the custom input assist? I never got a chance to check it out.


It’s exactly how it sounds. You like Cerebella’s AA grab? Use that as your assist by inputting it on the character screen. If instead you want her c.HP? That’s your assist. The only attacks that don’t work as custom assists are jumping moves and button-holding moves.


That’s genius! What about super assist?!


Oh, yeah, sorry, that’s the other thing you can’t do. It was possible in earlier builds of the game, but they changed it because it was too broken or something.


I can only imagine, but still props for trying it! Okay that does sound pretty impressive, either way.


Only 5% of humans enjoy playing as female characters…? You mean, disregarding all females who like playing females as much as males like playing males, and all of the males who don’t feel obligated to play nothing but their own genders, and any males who can’t identify with male characters as well as female characters?


I’d be more surprised if males wouldn’t -rather- play females.

If you’re gonna’ play a game for a long time, at least have a bit of eye candy to stare at, right?


I bought it, it is a fun game. I don’t play it as much as Marvel or SF4, but it is definitely worth the $15.


I thought they were gonna add character trials in the newest update aren’t they? Don’t remember exactly where I saw it though.


Yep, it’s coming. I don’t know exactly if it’s combo trials or tutorials like in BB though.


Oh, yeah they are adding character-specific trials… I’m almost positive.


That makes me want to buy it even more, that and how bad SockNight doesn’t want me to buy it. :3