Worth modding the brawlstick?


So, I sold my qanba stick a while ago, and haven’t really played fighting games since.
I’ve been kind of waiting for a library of fighting games to build up on the new gen and then i’ll buy a new stick.
So far we just have Killer Instinct (with an impossible to get fightstick) and a Mortal Kombat announcement (i havent played MK in ages and I always use the pad, that doesn’t even use a traditional stick does it?)

Meanwhile, I’ve got my collection of fighting games for 360 just collecting dust.
I think it’s going to be a while until we have a selection of fighters and sticks out for the new gen, so I currently have Ultra downloading and I pulled out the brawlstick. I must say when I bought the stick I still had my Qanba, so I only used it a couple times and tbh I don’t really like it too much now that i’m playing around with it.

Is it worth modding? I’ve never modded a stick before, is it still pretty much customary to buy Sanwa parts?


You can get XBONE TE2s now. The KI one isn’t available anymore, but it was always meant to be a limited run. The SE/brawl stick is fine to mod. Sanwa JLF and Sanwa buttons are the common upgrade.


Brawl stick is super easy to mod, well worth it.


Brawlstick has a stigma attached to it for being a lesser stick, but it’s actually really solid. I think people just see the guys in spandex on the front of it, and its association with wrestling games, rather than a conventional fighter, and they assume the worst. If it had a picture of Ryu on the front, most ppl wouldn’t know the difference.
If it’s just to pass the time while the Xbone gets its act together, it’ll see you out I’m sure.

Also, MK has its own cross-shaped stick layout, but if the IGAU stick is anything to go by, they may be abandoning it for a more traditional 4+4 setup in future.


I put a PS360+, a Sanwa JLF with a Phreakmods Link,a set of Sanwa buttons and drilled some holes for 2 24mm sanwas to replace the Start/Select membrane buttons on my SE and I love it.

It’s an awesome stick to learn how to mod with. Go nuts man.


hmmm there’s a KI stick on my local craigslist… maybe I should pick it up


Easy enough to swap in Sanwas into a Brawlstick. It’s a good starting point for a first time modder, especially since I believe you’re just gonna use it on your 360 for now.


My very first mod was done to a Tatsunoko vs Capcom. Exact same case as the Brawlstick, Sanwa or Seimitsu parts swap in no problem.


I was told to get a Brawlstick actually when I was first looking at sticks because it’s easy to mod and after the modding it would still come in cheaper than a Qanba or a TE.


Thats debatable, the fightstick pro is on sale now for, what, $79? Thats new. If you can get a brawlstick for $25, you would need to get parts for less than $55. Doable, but you’re end result is not better than the pro.




you can always sell it to help buy a TE2 or that KI stick you saw on craigslist.

Brawl case is nice size for traveling.


I read the op as if he already had a brawl stick laying around. If you’re buying new, I would also recommend the pro at this point. The price of the brawl has gone way up where you can find them.


I can’t imagine better project sticks than the SE/Brawlstick. That and they are durably designed.