Worth picking up FGs with no offline scene (with an competitive mindset)?



I am on the verge to start playing fighting games again. (Watched EVO, loved it and played Skull Girls a few months back),
Now after moving to the country side (with good internet connection though). I am starting to wonder if it is even worth it with most likely no offline play. I checked Matchmaking, local language forums and Fighttracker on Eventhubs, there is just no scene near me.

Reading a few topics about online vs offline play.
Where online always in the bad light. like a “bad dream” compared to online play, “not even compareable” etc.

Here are my thoughts:
Is it even worth it picking up fighting games with no offline scene?
Is there no such thing as “this combo is impossible in online play, dont even try”?
Am I able to get competitive as an online warrior?

Thanks in advance


if online is all you have then use it. Though some games have straight up unplayable online.

The problem with online is that it builds bad habits. But if you go to majors or tournaments in general every once and a while (when you dont mind driving far away) youll get a better idea of what works and what doesnt.


Don’t do it to yourself. Just play LOL…


I’m not gonna say " don’t get into fighting games if you don’t have an offline scene, go play league/Dota or whatever!" But Fighting games are the sh**, you would be missing out on something marvelous. Yes, it’s very possible to get good online (even pro’s play online), there has been plenty of people who spend tons of time playing online, then go to an offline scene, then have lots of success. (myself for instance at my local gaming center with solid competition here in Socal) I know playing online is completely different from playing offline ( i know some people/offline elitist might wanna call me a scrub or shoot me for this), but it’s not outrageously different, there i said it. Just think of it this way, if you can be a consistent player with your combos online, then going offline you will be like a mini Sako (exaggeration obviously) offline. You just have to turn off the auto pilot, and know what works/doesn’t work offline, that will come with just experience. But fundamentals, tech, and everything (almost everything, there happy?) you learned from Youtube will work offline. A reset you use offline, won’t suddenly stop working offline is what i mean.

If you have NO scene, but a good internet connection here are some games i recommend:

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV (hopefully they do something about the net code, it was better before ultra came out… (still playable on 360 and PC, PS3 is a lost cause)

  • SF3: 3rd Strike Online Edition (recently got a net code improvement i believe, i know some people/3rd strike arcade elitist hate on it, but i think it’s an excellent game, nice content/ music too) (uses GGPO)

  • Marvel vs. Capcom Origins (great GGPO netcode)


I’d like to append King of Fighters XIII on PC to that list, it has pretty good online.


Thank you very much for your input. I figure if there is no scene near me, why not create some kind of couch hangout tournament in my apartment. Thats sounds like fun :).

My hope is GG Xrd on PS4 later this year, since I love fast paced anime fighters. How is the BBCP netcode (in europe if that makes a difference?).

Thanks again.


Bro, its simple… find a friend online where you guys have really good ping where the frame lag is less than 4-6… play with him, rinse and repeat. Its really just the lag they whine about, its the same exact game… frame data and all, its just that i can look at your PP/BP and get an idea if I’m going to have fun or not.


Every major or minor scene, every big tournament, and every weekly and monthly started with one person getting another person to meet somewhere to play. If you don’t have a scene be the one who creates it.


This is way more difficult then you make it seem. Random players are so unwilling to stick around, and most of them can’t handle playing long sets to get any kind of real practice going. It’s been an absolute struggle for me, and these matchmaking forums are close to desolate most of the time.