Worth the $2 i spent?

So i was looking for some drill bits yesterday at a local flea market when i came across i guy selling video game stuffs. normally i just walk right by these type of stands but this guy had a couple joysticks that caught my eye. i asked him how much he wanted for this one and he said two bucks. the other stick looked loike a capcom and i think there was a saturn stick. i dont have a ps2 so i dont know if it works. well was it worth 2 dollars?

Looks like its in bad need of modding. I wish I could have found a stick like that .:sad:

Nice find!

Paint/clean it and mod it with some Sanwa parts, and you’ve got a winner

hard to do? or will jlf/jlw just drop right in?

IIRC, you should be able to just drop the sanwa parts right in there without much hassle

I don’t remember what kind of pcb it has in there, you might have to swap it out for a different one

Here are the guts

Sell it to me:wgrin:

it’s fuckin so easy modd joystick. you can do it yourself. :looney:

it will be for sale soon enuff.

Bro thats the price of a cheeseburger, enough said ;).

Def worth it, heck if the PCB itself is the only working thing, it was worth it. lol!

Seriously, nice find!

well i will have to look again but i think the buttons are connected directly to the pcb.

I just modded one of these recently. But mine didn’t have the screws on top so I dunno. The buttons were those little black rubbery things on the circuit board on mine. Here’s how i did the wiring for mine.

do i want to try and salvage the pcb above the buttons? if so how do i do it they are soldered dirctly to the pcb.

cut them and resolder them? But check if it works first etc…

No one will buy it if you f**k it up.

Depends on what you want to do. I thought the button pcb was big and pointless so i just cut the wires and put them on that barrier strip and went from there. If you want to just solder directly to the button pcb, you’ll have to scrap off the black stuff on the contact points. If your version of the stick has them directly soldered to the pcb, i’d just desolder the buttons and trash the pcb because it seems like a pain in the butt XD

That’s a pretty nice find for 2$.

Maaaan, awesome find! The flea market in my little town sells stolen CD’s and used quilts.

I’d buy just about any stick I found for $2, just to add to the collection or open up for the sake of curiosity/discovery/learning/fun.

… and I can’t believe I just used “learning” and “fun” in the same statement.

yea definately one of my favorite cases to mod. Killer deal for $2. I like how the case is such a low profile. You got the better version as well. The one multi put up is the psx one which is all plastic. The Sega Saturn one has a nice study metal plate for the top.