Worth upgrading components on MC FightStick SE?

I recently upgraded from a wireless stick to the MadCatz FightStick SE which I bought used for $35. After some time with it I started noticing problems, some of the buttons would at times fail to register, but more problematic was that the stick seems to have an issue with diagonal jumps when holding down a direction – so let’s say I’m trying to walk back and do a diagonal jump, the stick sometimes won’t register the jump.

I’m still a sort of casual player and don’t want to shell out $150 for a stick just yet at least, but have considered upgrading the stick/buttons to Sanwa parts. I’m thinking this will run me about $45-50 total? Would you guys say it would be worth it to upgrade this stick or should I just get rid of this thing and maybe look into a HORI EX Pro?

Its about $20 for new sanwa buttons, and $20-$25 for a new sanwa JLF.
I say a $40 to $50 dollar investment is worth it. Plus this is good experience. Buttons and joysticks will fail eventually and you need to know how to fix this.
Its easy to do, and you can use this opportunity to customize your joystick.

Yawn… welcome to SRK Tech Talk.

Now please read the stickies. If you want your stick to work properly (and if you’re at all serious about fighting games you do) then yes, you need to upgrade.

As stated, read the stickies. They detail** EVERYTHING**.

If you have an SE, then yes it is worth it to upgrade. If you don’t have an SE and are thinking of buying one just to immediately upgrade it, get a TE instead.

Sell your SE, and buy a TE. My SE broke with Sanwa parts, and I bought a TE instead of fixing it. I am gonna fix the SE later and sell it probably.