Worthless' av request thread *closed don't rebump for the love of god*

you can request an avatar in this thread prem or non prem

Please read the IMM rules sticky before requesting

are u good at black and whites pics


If it’s like a black and white photograph sure i don’t see why not provided its a decent resolution.

some manga scans are tough in non-prem though since there is so little space and area to work with.Plus sizing some points down makes it just look like a blotch of ink and it looks really really bad.

anything thing else though(sketches,monochromed stuff,etc) would be ok i guess.

damn it’s a manga scan

Could I get a Makoto avatar with this picture?

I only have two specifications; if you’re going to put a name on it, make it “Keiv” since I’ll be changing my username pretty soon.
Also, go ahead and make it Premium size, I will upgrade my account pretty soon too.

Other than that, just do whatever you think looks good. I’ve seen some of the avatars you made, you clearly know what you’re doing.

^ You might want to check with MrWiz for the name change. He doesn’t just hand them out. People think that buying premium will get you a name change, and are disappointed when it pretty does not happen. If I recall correctly he does it once a year (at christmas) and for those who have been premium for a year.

i’ll take the request but like valaris said you are gonna be waiting awhile for a name change.

Yeah, I remember that. I need to contact MrWiz, and I need to have a very good reason to change my username.
Well… I’m tired of this one, and I don’t want to lose my account, I dunno if that is good enough.



here you go

Hey Tat Guy, are you still doing requests? If so then can I get a non-prem av of Dudley, Akuma, or Urien with the words “Don’t Get Cornered” written somewhere in there? You can customize it however you want, just let your imagination handle the rest.

I made that post in tat guy’s thread, and just felt like posting it here also if he doesn’t get to it.

You should wait to see if he can get it…just because he hasn’t responded doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen it.

Well I just saw that you were still posting so I just decided to post the request here also. Simply trying to keep my options open :sweat:


Apparently Tat Guy isn’t doing requests right now :arazz:


here you go

Hey thanks, but can I make one little request? I just want to know if you can slow the text down so that it can actually be read? If thats not possible then I’ll just take it as it is.

Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it.
Keep up the good work.

sorry,it was either a slow duds animation or the readable text.I barely fit it into non-prem as is (since cornered takes so long to scroll)

No problem,glad you like it :tup:

It’s cool, it isn’t like I’m very picky when it comes to av’s anyways. I always tell peeps to just do whatever they want (as long as it has a certain character in it), so I simply take what I can get.

Ahhahah too late!

not really but seeing the render i had no immediate ideas,I gave some thought though,and i’m glad at how it turned out.


hope you like it :tup:

semi-bump for made av etc etc

worthless, can you add some color background to
<-------- this image? i tried to make it but complete failure. tnx