Worthless' av request thread Ver B

It’s been at least 3 months since I’ve made an av for someone other than myself and I felt as though I should bump my old thread.Unfortunately it was 300 posts in with a ton of old requests -_-…

So here we go.I’ll be doing a handful of av requests a week.I hate updating waiting lists so I’m not putting up a waiting list,rather I’ll do my best to do the requests in order.I’ll post as to who is getting theirs and who is on deck etc etc.

Nothing ridiculous for animations either.I’m not gonna make a nonprem av of Lei-Fei chessboxing Zeta Gundam on Morrigan’s right breast or 100 frame epics.If i can do it or feel it can be done I’ll try my best.

keep in mind

non prem is 160 x 64 @ 19k

prem 160 x 100 @ 48.8k

go crazy.

Hey Worthless. So i just wanted a prem Av of this pic of Aizen


Just work your magic on it. Thanks!

No problem. I’ll take the request

If you want something more complex i can do it when I’m at home in front of imageready

It looks cool but i was looking for something darker cause that picture of him is like dark and evil. So yeah um a little darker but keep my name with those letter they look awesome! Thanks!

I’ll redo it tommorrow as i forgot the fonts name :stuck_out_tongue:


redone.all dark and stuff

Hey Worthless, could you use this pic of alex in the bottom right corner with the kid going “OH MY GOD!” and put “you can’t escape!” somewhere in the av?

pic- http://www.arcadeflyers.com/?page=flyer&db=videodb&id=3558&image=6

Feel free to take some creative liberties with it I’m not that picky, just something with alex. Also, non-prem av size please. Thanks.

sup worthless

do me good on a cammy/sentinal/cable av. whatever you think will make it hot. make it hot! :smiley:

thx in adv

Em Disruptor,Diaper Bomb,and Desert Fox

I’ll take all your requests.

Yo Worthless can you work-up something epic with this?

I can see what i can do.

Request taken.

Soo nice >_<

Can I request something similar? With Hotaru Futaba in it? Something that represents all my evilness. Thanks >_<


That’s all the requests i’m taking until i get through these ones.You guys can keep asking to get on the queue.

edti: nevermind

Thanks a lot man =) Youre the best SRK adv maker ever!

Here are lots of pics of hotaru. Use whatever strikes your artistic intuition =)


work your magic worth!!

<----still love this av btw :smiley:

This Avatar is SOOOOOOO GODLIKE! My favorite Avatar to this date. Keep up the good work man, thanks!

*got the pm but this was made if you still want the storm one let me know

here are the 1st wave of requests of avs

i guess i wont do 0746 since the new av since the request and taskmaster didn’t want it anymore i guess so…yeah.

That leaves merdoc’s which should be done soon

=’( it’s meant to be a temporary one =’(