Worthless' av request thread version 9001

In this thread you can request a non prem av(160x64) or a premium sized av (160x100)

Q.Why are you making another request thread…are you kidding me?

A.I have a little more time now so i feel as though i could make some avs again.plus I haven’t made anything noteworthy since 2007 :sweat:

Q.Can you make me an av of Dante fist fighting El Blaze in the himalayas while the entire cast of Street Fighter EX2 +@ watches?

A.Any overtly ridiculous requests will be ignored or i’ll just call your bluff and make a horribly shitty av.It’s your choice.

**Q.I asked for an av an hour ago…is it done now?

**A.Even though i’ll check the thread throughout the day at work i can only make avs at home after work so please be patient in regards to requests.
Q.Can i have an av made for me?I asked _________ but he/she’s not done.

**A.Any avs requests handled by another av maker won’t be worked on or even acknowledged.It’s offensive to the other av maker to ask and it makes you look like a jerk.So please refrain from asking for multiple av makers to make you the same thing.

**Q.You are offensively bad at STHD and have the shittiest Abel that walked the earth.Your Chun is bad and you should feel bad.Are you going to quit fighting games?

A.I should…but no.
here are some examples of past avs from contests/requests/myself so you can get an idea.

hummm worthless avatars, they dont sound to appealing lol

awesome bro, i was wonder who else out there made avatars when the big tagger thread is closed

1st post updated with older stuff to check out.

Good to see you opened Shop again, Worthless.

I’m still a fan of those ‘text-image-flashout’ avatars of yours.

Good luck on your requests! :smiley:

Daaaaamn dude those are hot.

see wat you can do with this worthless and wat happen to you why wasn’t u at the tournament


:coffee: Shatta just made you an avatar so you got to wait two weeks for another one.

:tup: Nice to see you bustin’ out avatars again Worthless. Good luck and godspeed… dood!

[quote=“Yeah_Dood_120, post:7, topic:54219”]

[COLOR=“Pink”][FONT=“Tahoma”]:coffee: Shatta just made you an avatar so you got to wait two weeks for another one.

i don’t have to wait for anything homie

hello, i’d like to request a premium AV of this image http://goukiakuma.deviantart.com/art/Street-Fighter-4-Balrog-107516507, dont have something specific just a SF IV boxer AV, feel free to change the image if you need to. Thanks.

Ah,I just got your PM.Yeah i can do this for you but it’ll be a bit before i get it to you since it’s at least 2 weeks between requests man.

As far as the tourney stuff goes if its the GU stuff I’m working during the sessions.I may be able to come out in the future or even this week.

Thanks for the props and kind words :tup:

Cool I’ll do this for you man.

thanks, ill be waiting for it :woot:


I’m running into the same old snags of making the avs too big on the first run so some colors had to be sacrificed(no dithering though so that’s a plus)plus i got the inky splotchy messy look

If you want something else though let me know otherwise here you go!

I like to request an avatar using the following gif: http://www.gatenext.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/videogames-220.gif

Feel free to be creative with it, the only thing I request is that it says ‘mM’ instead of ‘madMike’. Cheers.

check in PMs

sure no problem.

awesome av worthless, im using it right now :wgrin:

very cool glad you like it :tup:

Still got a spot open Worthless?

yeah I can take some more requests.

what you did for sir_arthur, can you do that for any sf4 character with anybodys name?