WOT: Dating pickle for Valentine's Day

But I just started dating this chick. Met her a couple weeks ago, and went on a couple of dates. Now here’s the pickle…how do you go about V Day in this situation? Don’t wanna come off too strong, but don’t wanna look like a douche, and do nothing. Is this necklace the way to go? Share your almighty wisdom HCAF.

What does it matter?

It’s not like a pickle is going to know the difference … you sick fuck. : u

Up to you bro. If you think it’s too much, better find a way to downplay it.

Poster of the year.

Did you put it in yet?


Why not just take her out to dinner? Gifts can wait for her birthday…

Yus, really. Dinner and a movie homeboy, even better, cook for her. Make it cute.

Why don’t you just give her a real “pearl necklace” instead of that one?

I thought you was dating a pickle for Valentine’s Day.

Anyways, that necklace looks pretty bad. Just go on a date and do something to woo her.

Go with candy or a card… and maybe ONE flower (not a bunch). Basically a gift that you’d give a female friend that you have no chance with (friend zoned) or aren’t interested in (mad stretch-marks from 3 kids). It shows that you care, but you’re not a stalker.

We have a simp thread for stuff like this btw

Dick in a box.

That shit always works.

dinner, movie and a card at most.

flowers are too expensive…honestly tho, shit…you might be better off with the flowers if you think about the price of the dinner and movie in comparison to the flowers. weigh your options.

either is sufficient but a necklace?
the p must be mad good for you to feel like you need to simp in the first month.

what you should do is go on retail me not and type in 1-800-flowers and a few other flower websites to try to get a deal on flowers. then you should compare that price to what you think the price of the movie tickets and dinner would be and go from there as to what you think you should choose. but DO NOT cop the necklace. thats way too much.

its not necessarily about the money when it comes to the necklace but copping a female jewelry that early? na.

kill her

Take her out somewhere for the occasion but for fucks sake don’t do such a cliche thing as to take her out for a dinner and a movie (especially a movie). There’s absolutely nothing good about taking a girl to a movie. Cause nothing is as special as sitting for 2 hours and not talking / knowing shit about each other. There are a lot of other things that you can do that is unique.

there aren’t any good movies out right now anyway (IMO). dinner and a card is probably the best option, now that i think about it.

As the holiday approaches, you’ll be able to find a dozen roses with a stuffed bear/vase combo. It’ll be romantic and cute enough so as to downplay the gravity of the purchase.

Don’t get her a card. You’re going to either fill it out in some generic way or gush in a way that’s inappropriate for the stage you two are at.

Pick her up, have her leave the vase somewhere she wants it, and take her out to dinner.

we have a thread for this.