Would a different grip help me with this problem?

So I’ve been putting in work since I got my arcade stick. It’s been less than a week, but I used to play in arcades all the time in the 90’s so most of it came back to me pretty quick. But I keep running in to a very stupid problem…

I have trouble performing shoryuken motions only to the right… and I think it may be because of my grip.

I have a HRAP V3 SA with the default Sanwa stick. The way I grip it is with the tip of my thumb at 3-4 o clock side of the ball, and with the tip of my index finger at the 12 o clock on the ball with the bend of my index finger gripped around the left side of the ball. (Hope that makes sense).

Holding it this way gives me very good control to the left, since I can pretty much just pull it towards me and I have both my index and thumb that can control movements in that direction. I dont even have to lift my palm off the case of my stick if I’m feeling lazy. I usually go 9/10 or 10/10 with shoryuken motions to the left.

But it feels awkward when I have to be precise with various diagionals to the right - that direction I pretty much only have my index finger to control the motion. I usually only get about 2/10 and I’ve practiced for hours, and that’s nowhere near acceptable. It seems like after pushing the stick to the right, I have no way to control it to the downward position accurately. Because of that, I have a feeling that it’s not necessarily that I just need to practice, because I’m not making any progress.

So that’s why I’m thinking that my grip is holding me back. Any advice on any tweaks to my grip that may help? Are there any similar grips to this one that offer better control to the right?

It’s been less than a week. Any grip is going to feel awkward for you. Just go practice.

Also, stickies. Read them.