Would a "Forfeiture" option help Ranked?

I’ll admit I’m a little salty…

but the way ranked works is frustrating as all hell.

I’ll string together a couple wins (Rookie rank) then I’m one win away from getting bronze.
I get put against a bronze player. I think, “okay, he only has about 50-100 points into bronze.” I lose…

then the next ten matches in a row are against bronze players in the 700-800 range, which I can some what put up a fight, but it’s def a losing battle…

Not in till I get to 100-150lp does the rank start being equal again…

There should be a way to forfeit the match before it even starts. I mean I know it sounds salty, but its just ridiculous to have to play a match where a loss is the only outcome.

I see bronze get ranked up against gold all the time as well. Not only is it a waste of time for the Better player (no LP gained) it turns off lower ranked players.

Just make the forfeit cost like 100 fight money or something.

Here is Capcom trying to put out a game that is suppose to attracted more people, and gain more casuals… yet the rank system doesn’t even work properly…

Wait for them to fix the ranking system. I had to wait with KI, you’ll have to wait here.

If you can’t level up, you don’t deserve to level up.
I understand it can be frustrating to be so close and be denied of your rank up, but in the end what really matters is your skill. Try to understand why you lost and put up a better fight next time.

i thought this was going to be a suggestion about rage quitting…

I understand that, and that’s my whole point.

I lost, I get it, practice…

However, why do I have to be fed to +800 consistently, until I am back at 0…

Why can’t they put me at +200 or = ?

makes no sense.

Then I am back at 0Lp, (Im a scrub) but have to just beat absolute newbies easily until around +500.

It happens with Higher ranks as well.

You forfeit by NOT playing in Ranked. As others have said, generally everybody ends up where they should be. I’m stuck between Super and Ultra Bronze so I need to level up my game.

I am stuck around the 900-1300 and get really excited to play higher rank players, that is the only way to learn. There seem to be two kinds of players in this class, ones who can’t play but can mash out all the moves and are not fun to play. And the ones who had hand me my ass on a silver plate. I would take the better skilled player every time.

Well this isn’t what I thought the thread would be about at all.

I agree that they need to do something about tightening up the range of players you play against ranking wise. That said, you certainly shouldn’t have the ability to cherry pick your opponents.

“Oh I lost to that guy last time, don’t want to play him again.”
“My character loses in this matchup, let me look for a better one.”
“This guy is on a big win streak, I’ll try someone else.”
“This guy has a bit more LP than me, I’ll just skip this one and get someone with less than me so I have a better shot.”

If someone was patient they could probably optimize their opponents to such a degree that they’d have like 3000 more LP than they should, even without ragequitting.

…lol, no you don’t get it at all.

Playing against people who actually know how to play the game is the way that you get better.

Playing against people who are equally as bad as you actually makes you worse.

i wouldn’t say it would make you worse but you’ll learn much slower. playing better players definitely ranks you up faster. and by rank i don’t mean points and epeen, i mean you as an actual quality player.

I won games against top 200 ranked Ryu and Dhalsim players.
So basically yeah, it’s never 100 percent certain that you lose, and how do you know why you lose and thus be able to iron out your weaknesses, if nobody exposes you?

You may want to reference this thread since it touches upon the ranking system and new players.

Many people have already shared their views on this topic and you can see where this forum generally stands.

That’s what battle lounge is for. When you play rank your gambling, period. If you want to play to win there’s lounge and casual match.

I wouldnt play ranked if casual match had a more skilled option. But since it doesnt I have 2 get my rank up just 2 play people better than me. On topic no a forfeit button wouldnt help but a rematch button would b nice

Just play it. They could have all those points from using their main and you have them on a new char.
I was sitting on 600 points and beat someone 1400 and on a 9 win streak.
Then later Im at 1200 and lose to someone with 700.

Troll. But I will feed.
There’s a point where you just don’t learn. If you’re bronze and you get matched with a Gold, and they just straight smash you, whats there to learn from that? You should have to have a feeling of being totally lost, with out anywhere to start to get good.

Im not going to get good at tennis by playing Rodger Federer, or learn for that matter, since I wouldn’t even be able to return a serve.

Maybe if the option just showed up when the gap of LP is 500+ and it cost a ton of Fight money or something…?

I think a cool feature for ranked would be if you lose 5 games in a row then your next win would be double points or something I think it would make lesser players feel abit better.

Na, thats a really bad idea, cause then people would abuse that system and just stand their and let them self lose.

Coming from a DOTA 2 player (assuming due to your avatar) you should know that its not that easy, nor can you learn ANYTHING if you are put up against someone who is leagues better than you. He’s getting stomped simply because the ranked system is broken. It really just needs time to fix itself. Hell I’m 1500 LP and I’m facing 3-5k LPers. That shit shouldn’t be happening but what can you do?