Would a ps2 to pc converter work for ps2 to ps3?

I have this brandless converter I purchased on ebay, it has two ps2 sockets and a usb at the other end. I have proven it to work on pc like it is supposed to, but would it work on a ps3?

Also do the five dollar converters on ebay work well or should I just get the more expensive top rated ones?(and why?)

Most do.

But, not all.

Is this convertor transparent blue? If it is it lags really bad. You want to get one that people have tested and proven to be lagless. That doesn’t always mean expensive.

It is not that crap blue one, it’s all black and on the little box connecting the sockets to the usb there is a silver sticker that says “psx-usb adapter” I think the seller was in some asian country so I’m not really sure whether or not it is actually good it wasn’t even in an actual package, it was in a little bag that was taped up. How do you test a converter’s lag time? I’ve used it to play some games on my pc and it seems pretty decent but it could possibly be laggy.

I also still need to get a ps2 to xbox 360 converter, I read the converter thread and was thinkin “xconverter” but that is a $20 converter is there any others that are just as good but a bit cheaper?

Look at the convertor compatability thread

just buy an inpin and dont worry about it ever again :coffee:


See here. Get the Joytron Xconverter 360 for Ps2>360, and InPin for ps2>PC/PS3. Of course, you can get any of those converters. These are just the two favorites.

It would just be easier if the one converter I have also works with a ps3 because the inpin converter costs about $30 and the xconverter is about $20, so that’s $50 just for converters, though either way I will need to get the xconverter to connect to xbox 360’s, it would be nice if I didn’t have to buy the inpin but do they just have amazing input time which is why they are some what expensive?

InPins are amazing, but there are other perfectly functional options out there. I got mine from a seller on eBay called “cables4pc”. They sell two kinds (maybe more, but these are the most common): a crappy, blue 2-player one, which Kelter Skelter mentioned, and a single, black one which I have and tested (my review is in the converter thread). It cost me like 5 bucks if I recall. Definitely one of the cheapest lag-free options.

I think the main disadvantage is, it doesn’t have LEDs on it like the InPin showing which controller number your stick is assigned to at a glance… but I never needed to use that to be honest. It doesn’t have a Home button on the unit itself but start+select on your stick acts as the Home button.

Besides the fact that the inpin is lag free why is it so expensive?

Inpin is not expensive, actually thats a really good price. Most other adapters are just cheap and terrible.

You get what you pay for. Cheaper converters often are glitchy, have drawbacks (ex: no way to activate PS/Home button), are laggy, or simply do not work. The inpin is tried and tested to work.

Inpin and XConverter both do their job very well for PS3 & 360, respectively. $50 to make your PS2 stick work on two current gen consoles sure beats what it would cost to purchase a stick for PS3 & 360.

Very true, thanks.