Would a "SFxT Fightpad SD" DPAD rubber contact fit a "SF4 Round 2" fightpad?


I know that the Fightpad SD is 15% smaller than previous fightpads, but did they also change the size of the DPAD or rubber contact?

Thanks for any help in advance!


@rabidredeyes told me in a PM that the rubber contacts I had from padhacking the WWE Brawlpads wouldn’t fit his SFxT because they’re too small. I could be wrong, but I believe the R1 and R2 Fightpads were the same size as the Brawlpads. If both of these are indeed the case, then you’re SOL from using any others besides the SFxT Fightpads.

EDIT - As posted below the DPad rubbers are the same but the face buttons are not.


The answer was already given two you 2 years ago by Gummo in that other thread d3v just locked.


Yep, I received a PM from another board member who said much the same thing. Thanks for confirming.

Really…? Crapping on another one of my threads? Wow. I created this thread because I had two conflicting replies and needed confirmation.

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The dpad rubbers are the same size. The face button rubbers are not.


@gummo Does that apply for the WWE Brawl pads too?


Interesting. Another forum member told me that the conductive pads for the membranes don’t line up exactly with the contact points on the pcb, I’d get irregular inputs (if any), and it would fall out of place with time. So I don’t know what to think now.

I’ll PM you in any case.


Fightpad, brawlpad, and sfxt pad all use the same size dpad , thus interchangeable . The face button pad is not swap able between fightpad/brawlpad and sfxt pad. I believe the face button pad is swap able between the fightpad and brawlpad, but can’t confirm.


Good, enjoy.


Okay, I see. Thanks for the clarification. That makes things a bit easier.
Btw, are my PM’s to you getting through?