Would a TE fit in this Eastpak

Getting a TE tomorrow and i was wondering if it could fit in this type of Eastpak.

Dude, the picture is like 3 inches tall, of course a stick isn’t going to fit in it. My penis is HUGE compared to the size of that picture.

maybe the TE keychain would fit?

Well we have nothing to scale it to to know how big it is.

… aside from Toodles’ alleged penis.

I think it would look better in a Jansport backpack.


lol i thought eastpak was that pcb that kinda looks like the cthulhu from ultimarc

In any case, OP I thoink you’d have better success in using a messenger bag to fit the TE as opposed to a backpack. Backpacks tend to have rounding tops, while messenger backs have square storage. This bag will fit a TE or HRAP.

The problem that i would have with that bag is that if the slide your Te in there it would get scratched to hell. The fabric is like sanding paper.

It seems the stick fits just fine. Thanks anyway guys.