Would Adon make a good beginner character?

I already made a post like this on the Ibuki forums but Ibuki seems pretty complicated but Adon and Ibuki are the characters I am interested in so far.

So is Adon too complex or would he make a good character to start learning with?

Adon would be better than Ibuki. Less execution intensive, a good moveset and good pokes. He pretty much shuts down focus attack with armor breaks and s.hk. The only issue I see is his low vitality. The lower life you have, the less mistakes you can make. I usually recommend higher vitality characters for new players but honestly you should play who you like. I think Adon’s a good choice 'cause he’s strange to play against. He jumps extremely fast, gets up after knockdowns extremely fast, and can even forward dash under a lot of crossup setups. Quick little bastard.

Awesome. Can’t wait for SSF4 to get delivered. Thanks for the advice bro!

Adon is definitely an easy character to execute, but that doesn’t mean he’s easy to play. Most of his attacks require very precise and odd timing and have strange properties. He’s a ton of fun, but you shouldn’t be trying to pick your characters before the game arrives. Try them all! You might be surprised.

If it’s Adon vs Ibuki then Adon. But Adon is not really beginner friendly. One frame links, odd normals, specials that you can’t whore out, etc etc.

But he is fun as hell.

try ken but then you would get alot of people pissed of

Haha my good friend who I will be playing with uses Ken. Plus ken doesn’t really interest me.

i find adon to be one of the harder characters to play against people i still win with him but the matches are alot harder than say a run of the mill ryu/sagat

Adon definitely is a lot of fun, but I think eventually once you try some of the other characters, you may end up choosing someone else. Go ahead and go for it though, I wanted to use him but then ended up using Cody and Guy. Do yourself a favor though and don’t let tiers or difficulty of certain matches decide for you. Good Luck!!

Thanks man, I am also interested in Cody. I see now that the best way would be just to try out the characters I am interested in and go from there.

Play who is fun for you man. The rest doesnt matter. If you like a character, the difficulty of the character wont matter. I like Viper’s character design but her high maintenance execution is beyond my level right now. I also likes Seth, and even though he was hard at the beggining… People are now telling me to drop Adon to play my Seth haha I am now messing around with Abel and its hard, but it’s cause I’m not comfortable with him yet.

Long story short: Play who you like. itll be hard in the beggining, but that’s part of learning your character :tup:

Adon is hard to use because his combos require strict timing and excecution wise if you mess up you get a completly wrong move which can lead to being punished

but, if you were to start with him you’re more likely to be a more capable player. Starting with Ryu or Ken (or Cody) are good because they’re simple but they can lead to learning to play sloppy.

Well it depends, i think adon is a good character to learn how to play the game properly, you don’t mash because his moves have terrible priority and his combos are all links, he has really good normals so you have to learn footsies and all that jazz. But if you want a character that nets you easy wins early on adon is definitely not the person for you, his damage output leaves much to be desired, he has below average hp, his combos are all very difficult to perform.

But i enjoy playing him so if you enjoy playing a character don’t let what anyone tells you put you off.

I don’t know. I’m not interested in using him, but sometimes I wonder what he’s like. All I know is when I fight him, I feel like I can lose a whole lot of energy to what seems like a whole lot of nothing. That character is deceptively powerful.

What do you mean by that.
As far as damage out-put goes there are alot other characters that beat him out.

Adon’s damage output is pretty poor to be honest. His more powerful stuff is pretty risky.

balrog and zangief are beginner characters

Actually, Adon was the second character i decided to start maining(after Dan the Man lol), and i found him to fit me PERFECTLY(along with his crazy Japanese voice). I mean I love playing an all-out offensive game, and if you do too, then he’s definitely for you. He’s a very simple character to use, damn fast, and great mixups. His combos are easy to do. Also, you have to play a guessing game with your opponent to keep getting hits in. But that’s pretty easy to do after a while, and you can totally screw with your opponent’s mind. Because he has some moves that leave him wide freaking open. Not to mention that it’s pretty easy for your special moves to get interrupted while you’re doing them. But that it’s also why their pretty quick. Does have a hard time against Ryu,Bison,Dhalsim(chracters good at playing keep-away) and though, cause it’s a bit hard to get in close on them. Overall, you don’t HAVE to be GOOD with him to beat people. Just play smart, predict your opponent’s moves(was hard to do at first, now it’s like i’m psychic :D), and make scrubs cry “Mommy!”. This is also my first SF game, and I gotta say, WAYYYY better than what I used to play.(Tekken)

Adon rocks because he’s so momentum-based…I mean when you’re running a train on the opp. it’s so fun coming up with mix-ups you’ve never done before on the spot. It’s true though, you really have to know the spacing of all of his specials and normals in order to be effective. It also helps to practice your reaction time with his Ultra 1 – it punishes so many things I’d say it’s in the top 5 Ultras.

It works pretty well on a Cammy that is kicking your ass and stands full screen to taunt… :smiley: