Would an octagonal restrictor plate help me any?

I play a charge character (Vega) and have some issues with certain combos and moves. Right now I’m using the standard JLF square gate that came with the stick from Lizard Lick. So I’m curious as to what thoughts there are on gates in general, and stick handling with charge characters, hell stick handling in general. Should I be resting my stick along the gate when holding a charge at all even?

I’d be happy getting referred to a thread. I didn’t put this into tech talk because I don’t really think it’s about that. Ultimately I’d like to get into a few more games, and more characters. So, I’m curious if anyone thinks an octagonal gate would hurt me in the long run or not.

This question usually pops up at tech talk once a week. You usually get people saying “octos are awesome!” and “octos suck!” Although it’s a preference issue, I recommend practicing with the stock equipment instead of changing gates.

But yes, most people rest the stick on the gate when holding charges. I do at least.

Here is a thread I wrote on getting used to sticks and developing execution. Maybe it will help you some.


Thanks! I figured posting in tech talk would get a lot of preference stuff. I’m sure I could prefer a number of different gates if I spent time with them. Though what I’m trying to figure out what I should do ultimately. It’s pretty tempting to try to switch up some hardware, though that’s kind of a reactionary type of thing.

As I always say in these threads, the difference is negligible.

A lot of people say square gate is best for charge characters because you can “feel” your charge.
I agree with them.

But i’ve never used an octagonal gate in the first place, so what would I know?

Square gate does take some getting used to, but if you play with it long enough there isnt a huge difference… the square gate did get me out of the habit of riding the gate though, so I guess it is more beneficial to use the square over the octagonal. Then again its just personal preference.

Octa gates aren’t very expensive, so it’s not a big loss to try one out. If you’re ever buying some arcade parts, just throw in an octo gate in the order for fun. That’s what I did.

That said, my personal experience with it was negative. I don’t play charge characters though, and was mostly annoyed at how I bumped into walls where there used to be empty space when doing qcf motions and such. I switched back the same day and havn’t touched it since.

People always say that as if an octagonal gate is going to make things easier by default. They don’t you’re going to have to learn to play on that just as well and it will also take some getting used to. It’s down to personal preference, I tried an octagonal gate and personally hated it. You should definetly try it for yourself before comitting to it.

I recommend square since it’s the standard.

Me and most of my socal peers made the transition from happs to sanwa/seimetsus, so considering that drastic difference, most times I can’t even tell whether I’m playing on square or octagonal gate unless I’m consciously trying to figure it out at the time. I’ve seen socal top players mistake square for octagon and vice versa. I’m sure some people are more sensitive than others, but I don’t see it as something to make a big deal over.

i recently swapped out my square for an octo after years of botched srk motions, and i will say it helps for qcf characters, but charge characters were way tougher. for instance, keeping the back charge after a balrog headbutt for ultra is super easy on square gates, but you can mistakenly drop your charge easier on octos. i’ve played on sticks for about 4 years now, and certain motions still pain me to do unfortunately, so don’t expect a miracle to happen, but it’s worth a shot. i will say, don’t try a straight up circle gate. i bought one for fun since it was like 4 bucks and they were out of the octo i needed for my xbox stick, and charge characters are damned impossible.

octo > square

I couldn’t do SADC ultra on a square. I switched it out for an octo and I could do them 100%. I also find charge characters easy on the octo. Not a fan of the square at all.

I play on a square gate on which I made notches on the center of the 4 borders. So it’s kinda like a octo gate without the excessive throw on 4 directions and all the benefits of the 4 corners (I play guile). It’s pretty damn good.

I play Chun in ST and SF4 and I strongly recommend square gates over octo-gates for charge characters.

That’s actually a really cool idea, why have I never heard of anyone doing that before?

I tend to agree that square gates are better for charge characters.

I play on a square and I play nothing BUT motions characters. I just can’t get a handle on charge characters.

I definitely feel like it’s my excecution not the gate holding me back. I’d say just stick it out, it’s you that needs to change and get better, not your gate.

it might be his gate.

Everyones different. I cant play charge characters (chun mostly) with a ball top, but with Ryu or someone, I cant play them with a bat top.

well the top is different because it alters your entire grip

I don’t think I could even play on a bat top, at least not very well.

I like the clickiness of an octo gate, and I prefer a bat top. Because I did not grow up in Asia or something.