Would anyone be down for Skype Session?



Since a lot of people always asks for tips/tricks, strats for Guy and since PSN/XBL does disband some of the Guy community figured Skype would be the next best thing.

Would anyone be up for it?


Id totally be up for it, I have XBL and PSN. live in Ireland though so I dunno how good the connection would be, guess you could always spectate in an endless battle and give tips or something ?.

Feel free to add me

XBL: FishyThought
PSN: Fishy_Thought

I haven’t used Skype in years Id have to setup a new account.


I use Skype, but I play on PC. Shit outta luck?


its basically just to talk really i mean xbl party chat would cover most things if i were to hold it to that.


Sure, PM me your Skype username.


XEShadowX just add me :stuck_out_tongue:


Bah I completely forgot to add you xD Add me Deznere.


I use Skype!

Nemesys_Syndrome is my skype name.

Edit: I play on PC also (XUpYourGameX) and I do livestreams on PSN also. (XUpYourGameX)


I would be Deznere. I’m in the fb group of yours :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks BloodDrunk


Oh deznere is my gamertag xeshadowx is my Skype


Added, and added


Skype name is mike_murder for anyone that plays on PC.