Would anyone be interested in a King of Fighters tournament?

Hey guys. A group of friends and I on a site I moderate was thinking about setting up a King of Fighters tournament online through Neo Final Burn Alpha. I’m curious if anyone wanted to join up, or if it sounded interesting.


The only thing is, what KoF is good for tournament play? I was thinking about doing Garou, but I wanted the multitude of characters that KoF usually offers. Your thoughts, and is anyone interested?

If it’s just within Canada and the US, I’m in (otherwise I’m not playing with laggy people).

I’d recommend kof98 or kof2k2 (doesn’t matter to me although I’d rather play 2k2). Also, you should hold it on 2df or GGPO as it’s better than what you’re using.

Really? I must be behind the times, I’ll check out those two programs. Well, if you’re interested, Emil, post in the forum so I can add you on the signups.

2df? Never heard of that one.

I’m about to try GGPO, so personally I’d prefer that.

I also prefer KOF '98 out of them all, I hate how they changed them for KOF 2002 (Athena changed from a nice fast D kick to a super-slow sweep).

In any case, I’ll follow that link of yours now…

Edit: I did, and found less info there than here. But I personally say GGPO with KOF '98, unless anyone can suggest a better netplay program. If it was KOF 2000, I wouldn’t mind (it was my first KOF game), but 2002’s so… different, for me in a bad kind of way.

2DF is much better than GGPO imo.
Less hardware intensive, less scrubs

GGPO has slightly better play with long distances, 2DF has better play with short distances.
It also depends on your connection though, because I’ve played people from Mexico and some in Asia on 2DF with very little lag.


Yes, I tried both, and found 2DF far more stable. I don’t even try using GGPO now.

So I’m all for a KoF '98 tournament on 2DF Freeplay!

So, The Notorious, are you still planning on doing this?

If not, than anyone else here interested in doing a KOF tournament?