Would anyone be opposed to me trying to compile a full Chun-Li FAQ from these forums?

In an effort to not only benefit other players but also to improve my own gameplay, I am thinking about taking as much of the information on the SRK Chun-Li forums as I can find, and consolidating it into one streamlined FAQ.

I will of course give credit to all of the original authors and contributors of the material. I’m willing to put in the time to dig through the mess and try to piece together the most cohesive, comprehensive Chun-Li FAQ possible.

Is this okay with everyone?

In the words of the Nike campaign.

“Just Do it”

It will be a great asset to all Chun Players

No opposition here. Would there be match up info as well? I could stop working on this:


the thing is that theres already one… mine.

however, i wouldnt mind you putting something together to go in with the compendium.
if you did this i will pm the mods to re-name it the chun-li compendium to take my name off of it to show that it is a chun forum compendium and not just “mine”.

i was eventually going to do that anyways…
i just think its kind of well… redundant to have 3 threads as GENERAL faq’s

also if you would like to see anything in it… just lmk.


Aw man, Dime beat me to it. Was just gonna tell you to ask him to shuffle some tips into his compendium. Oh and make it WC, at that.


Yeah if you collaborated with Dime that would be awesome, but don’t make a new one when his is already so good.