Would anyone help with art for a Custom Arcade Stick

I need some art for this new arcade stick i’m having built. If you could help out just leave a messege.

monkeyspank did mine

the first picture is gonna be my art for the stick
if u provide him with the art and if he has time he will make u one

Lucky you. I’ve offered a year of premium and so far I haven’t had any luck getting help.

hey im gonna try to make urs… i have low experiance, but better than nothing right?

btw, wouldve started earlier, but when i posted i was out of town… when i came back srk was down :xeye: .

naw man not lucky its juss that i wanted one and monkey had the time. Besides Nastra is trying wait for his and if u dont like it post it on monkeys Thread.

P.S. Nastra SEAN IS TOP TIER *runs…