Would anyone really buy this cab?



the idea is cool in theory but i think it’d require much more maintenance than its worth.

if i had the money to blow :hitit:


Like a personal Dave & Buster’s.


Man fuck that. $3999 not-including add-on’s? Even if I was Mr.Trump (that asshole), I would still feel ripped off. I hate rich people who’ll pay anything for stupid shit like that.

Sorry for raging, having a sucky paycheck this month… 30% taxes sucks


Looks like it might topple over if you pulled to hard on the joystick! Also, gotta worry about the liquid and electricity thing but I guess a state of inebriation would help to dull the pain.


I like the old cabinets, but this day and age, if I’m gonna lay down $3k-$4k on something like that, it better be a Vewlix setup with an HD panel.


Id rather buy a decent sized cab and restore it to my likings and still have cash left over.


Seems like you could make an add on like this yourself for muuuuuuch cheaper.


Does that come with a lifetime supply of beer?


no need, i’ll just put a small fridge next to my cab


The idea is definitely cool. Now if only it dispensed cherry dr.pepper…




lol, when I click on the link on my work PC the filters block it because the site description contains “Phishing and Frauds”.

So no, I wouldn’t buy that.


Add some simple drink holders and you’re set. No need for this cab :rofl:


that is horrendous, and the price is as bad. :lame:


If I got one I’d put Kool Aid in it! THIRD STRIKE AND KOOL AID WOO HOO!!!


Oh yeah!!!


Why don’t they just go ahead and put a toilet and a magazine rack on it? I bet those are X-Arcade buttons.


No no, it MUST be worth it. It comes with “Dual USB 2.0 jacks”. Dual! Thats, like…2! Two whole jacks! Amazing technology.

But seriously, the ideas is nifty if ill advised: Hot near Cold (dumb), Liquid near Electric (dumb), Drunk near easily-tipped-over-cabinet (dumb). But it does have dual USBs man. Totally werth it!


what a terrible cabinet. I’d be scared that thing would fall on me while I was playing it. That looks like something your going to have to clean all the time because you and your buds are gonna get beer all over it. They should also include more pre-loaded games.


haha thats crazy