Would-be Ice Cream Man Admits To Murder In Exchange For Fried Chicken



I don’t want to see Tremayne’s photo, for melanin-oriented reasons.



Seriously I think it was less the chicken and more the fact that he knew he was screwed. But this lovely American media lol.


I would also admit to a heinous crime if such commodities would be secured for my time spent in prison.


The news gets weirder and weirder. :o


This happened back in 2008…


A black Sweet Tooth?


He’s the White Shadow, not the White Flash.


I thought he would look like this:



read it again. He doesn’t get it for life. He was given a feast, in exchange for his testimony.

Also, I would not buy ice cream from that man. Why in God’s name are we allowing convicted rapists to sell ice cream to kids again, in a mobile rape-mobile?

also also, we officially need a chicken related news thread


what movie is that from?

Oh nevermind, Harold and Kumar 2


Good call getting the Popeyes as well as the KFC, might not have been worth it otherwise.


closes eyes, rubs face I got nothin’…


As usual, I knew what the deal was just based on the guy’s first name.


Haven’t people figured out by now that if you’re being offered a plea bargain, that usually means the prosecution has got nothing? Especially in cases where there’s no conspiracy involved. We have laws, stupid people don’t want to learn them.


Wow that is nuts.

this article forgets to mentions it was on a sundae.
anyways if i were him i would’ve split before i had to go down that rocky road.
i always hate reading news about someone with such a coldstone for a heart.
at least the judge was soft when serving him justice.


i’m telling you guys this is free advertising for kfc

talk about viral marketing