Would Frankie3S do better with Shinkuu?

I like watching Frankie3S as to me he’s the best Ryu player right now.

He does hit peeps a lot with Denjin and I would like 2 know hoe as when I do peeps parry it.

I just thought with Shinkuu he cam use more EX moves and he can easily 2 into 1 shinkuu.

What u guys think OR more importantly what do u think Frankie3S ?

He’s doing what works for him, I do what works for me. Different styles for different people. That’s also why the country trying to play Ken like Daigo is gay. While we’re asking pointless questions of established players’ styles, why don’t you just add that he should be picking Ken because Ken hax0rs Ryu.

Come on man, I am just saying. I take it that hr hits peeps a lot with Denjin I can see it works but for EX purposes.

i actually find using sa3 effective vs ken, ken doesn’t have a move to go through fireballs so the pressure is on him… its all about the player…

I’m sure if people consistently parried his Denjin no matter what setups he uses, then he would switch it up to Shinku.

Cause I do notice that he EX hadoukens quite a bit, and thus doesn’t have a bar for Denjin in some situations in which he would’ve busted it out.

A lot of japanese players agreed that Frankie has the best ryu in japan as well. They were really surprised how devastating the denjin can be.

I remember in many matches between Kokujin and Frankie, Kokujin would get hit by the denjin then look at me with raised hands and say “What can I do?” hahaha.

Yo pryoLee I heard u won’t enter in Evo, thats a real shame but what about Frankie3S as we need a Ryu pepes 2 represent.

U know the man better than all of us since u n him travelplaces, so whats going on in this years Evo ?

I doubt frank will go to evo, especially since it’s in las vegas. But he told me he really wants to hang out with the japanese players again.

So I don’t really know yet, I’m going to evo just to hang out with my japanese friends, but I don’t think either of us will enter.

Oh homie man don’t be like that, u 2 r like the best players in USA.


Man save us from Justin’s boring chun Li and the rest , alright Pyro plays with Yun who I hate after Chun but damn he plays good.

Sorry man but PS2 3s just isn’t the same game I play. That’s probably the main thing that discourages us and a lot of the japanese from really wanting to enter.

Haha everytime the japs ask me if 3s is gonna be on ps2 at evo and i say “yes” they always frown.

I noticed some small differences in speed (faster on console), normal tengu is stronger on ps2 (the stone follow Oro “better” than on arcade"), Akuma’s f+MP is throwable on PS2.
For everything else, it seems spot-on to me. What other differences did you find? I’m interested, thanks

I think Denjin is probably the best way to go if you are going against the top tiers, I think denjin can be a good equalizer against his tougher matchups. But I don’t know that much.

I don’t understand, do a few differences like that make the game unplayable in ur eyes Pryo.
As to be honest I am sure you, Frankie3s AND the other JPN would still clean house ?

Denjin is bomb.

the way Frankie plays, i don’t think Shinkuu would do him any good. his style is definitely geared more towards stunning someone.

i’ve learned a lot watching his Ryu–from set ups to when he releases the super.

regarding the PS2 version, it’s sorta similar, but i do feel a certain difference to it. i seem to play much better on the arcade. i’m sure of that much.


I feel I play better on the arcade too (when there are good sticks and button of course). I think it’s just the speed though, being the arcade a little slower (hard to notice if you don’t play both versions often), hit confirms and links seems to be a bit easier on the arcade.
Though i’m not a Ken player, when I pick him I never miss cMP, SAIII on arcade, while I miss it sometimes on PS2 (but I doubt it would happen at all if I played Ken consistently).
It’s still way better than DC version and everything works, so I wouldn’t think playing on PS2 would change the outcome of the match. But sure Pyro has more experience than me, so I’d like a more detailed breakdown (from Pyro or someone else from FFA).

I think Frankie should use Hoyukusen instead of Denjin.

Honestly, I think Frankie should just be Frankie.