Would it be possible to mod this stick?

This stick.

It’s a programmable Ascii Stick, like those nifty programmable pads that the japanese use for making combo videos. Sadly i got this stick from someone else and the display doesn’t seem to work, so i got this clever idea of modding it, but i don’t know if it would be possible to or what do you guys need to know if its moddable or not. The inside seems to have the buttons glued to the PBC or something, which seems pretty odd to me, but perhaps i might use the shell to make another stick?

Any help here?

Open it up and take a picture, are the buttons really glued or are they on to the pcb like the tekken 5 us stick.

I don’t have a digital camera atm, but the buttons are soldered to the PBC, if i want to take one out, i have to take all of them. =/

its quite the ordeal

its the same as an ascii ft2

button holes need dremeling, use a solder sucker to remove the pcb

luckily that one doesnt have artwork on the top plate (mine did and wasn’t saveable)

but doable…yes