Would it be wise to hold off?


I love the Shinobi in SSFIVAE. I’ve decided to major in Ibuki with a side of Guy as I begin my treacherous journey to competence in this wonderful game. Apparently, however, Ibuki is supposed to be very difficult to learn for beginners with Guy being in the same boat. Should I hold off on these two and try to learn the game with an easier character(like Ken or Ryu) and return to them or a later time, or should I bite the bullet and just use 'em. I’m looking for the most logical and/or practical option, really. Thanks!


I’m a nooby myself that was planning on maining ibuki, but most responses i got were to learn the basics with a shoto then go ibuki.


When I started Third Strike my first main was Ibuki, and I’ve been using her ever since. Take the plunge and just learn the character you like. We already have enough braindead shotos as it is.


I play Ibuki as the first character when I started playing and didn’t bother with other characters. I had a rough first few months, but learning fundamentals with her is very doable. I say if you like Ibuki or Guy, pick her/him up and don’t pick shotos if you don’t like them. You’ll be more motivated on getting better with a character you like and could learn faster.


You can learn fundamentals with Ibuki easily.

Great AA
Alright Footsies
Simple Links along with very advanced combos
Safe Jumps

Blah Blah. Just stick with Ibuki, she’s a damn good character, not to mention incredibly fun.


It depends entirely on your goals. If you want to just play online casuals and have fun, play whatever character you enjoy playing the most. If you enjoy the character, and want to improve, you can do so at your own pace, and pick up neat little tricks here and there either by playing the game and trying out new things, or reading about a new strategy on the forums, or watching youtube vids of pro players, and trying it out for yourself. While I normally recommend Ibuki for intermediate or advanced players, you can certainly do well with her just by learning the basics. Hit up the Ibuki forums here for more information, as we have a WEALTH of knowledge on Ibuki, and about 5-6 guys willing to help you out after you read through the FAQs and stickied posts.

While Ryu and Ken are excellent, well-rounded characters, that are able to faciliate you learning the fundamentals of fighting games, there’s no reason to pidgeon-hole yourself with those characters if you don’t like it. I would recommend trying out Ibuki and Guy, and if you start to find yourself strongly disliking them or not understanding how to use them during a match, you can always make the switch at a later time.


Hm. i see more newbies (myself included) that want to play ibuki more than anyone else.
But if it’s possible to learn the basics with her, I don’t see why not. I mean, I see myself maining her, so might as well get good with her now.