Would like help with Xbox 360 Wireless headsets

So I play on 360 Via a PS2 stick with a ps2 -> 360 convertor. Obviously I can’t plug a xbox 360 headset into my controller because of this. I’m looking to be able to have a headset for voice chat when I play games using my stick on xbox live.

I tried plugging the microphone into a 2nd player controller but, it didn’t work.

Do wireless headsets work even though I would have an “unsupported” controller plugged in? I’ve been googling this but, they always mention something about about it still syncing to the controller not the xbox. I couldn’t get any further information.

If it WOULD work just fine even though I’m using this convertor are there any better 360 wireless headsets? The “official” one seems to get a lot of bad reviews.

I hope I can get some answers I’ve been searching and googling about this for a few weeks now without being able to find anything definite.

I haven’t used any aside from the Official XBox360 one, but it bound to the system, not the controller-unless something changed recently. I just hated it because it took 4 hours to charge it, then get 1 1/2 hour of charge.

Thanks for the tip. That’s some pretty bad battery life. My PS3 headset lasts 4 times that, easy. Granted it’s blue tooth but, still.

Any other issues with it? Or know of a better one?

I dunno, the charging times are suspect on the official one, think it suffers from the “overcharge and it’s screwed” type a deal like some cell batteries. The only other issue I had with it was that the mute function/power are the same button-tap for mute/hold for power, a bit of fuckaroud when you’re not sure if it’s muted or the power’s off. I kept it for only 2 or 3 days because it was aggravating.

Turtle Beach would be the most solid option, wired or wireless, they connect thru the system, if you don’t mind the oversized nature of 'em