Would Like Some Advice On Getting Better


Sorry in advance for the long post. :clown:

I’ve been playing SSF4 a good bit recently for something to do over Christmas Break, and I’ve come to really actually enjoy it a lot. It’s really fun although the online lag drives me nuts. :looney: I live in a rural area about an hour north of Atlanta and the internet service here often sucks. I don’t know a single other person who even owns the game either, so I have to live with online I guess. :sad:

First off, I am a newbie and a casual player. I don’t intend to be champion of anything, just wanna play for fun. So I’d prefer advice that’s not along the lines of “spend 6 hours a day every day in training mode,” if that makes sense. But I do want to get better, basically because I’m having fun with the game and want to keep playing. I’ve gotten pretty used to the stick and the basics, but I am still pretty new at it and have a lot to learn. Now seems to be a good time because I seem to basically maxed out the number of points I can get playing online. At first I would gain some points every day I played, but now it seems that I win/lose as many points every time I play so that my total isn’t going any higher.

I know some things that would probably help…I want you guys to help me prioritize these skills. Realistically I can’t work on all these things at the same time, so I was wondering which of these things I should focus on for now. I know they are all probably important, but I want to narrow down what I should be doing one thing at a time so that I can get better. My character is Sagat. Here is what I think I should be looking at (though other suggestions are welcome):

  • FADC - At some point, I know I’ll need to learn this. I already know from this forum that it’s a good tool for Sagat.

  • Tiger Knees - I never use Tiger Knees. I just haven’t put them into my gameplay yet. I think maybe I got scared of them because every time I’ve tried it my opponent blocked and then smacked the crap out of me.

  • Combos - I know this is gonna sound lame, but I don’t have any combos I use yet. I’m using basics still. Remember I’m new. :lovin: Obviously I could get more mileage out of my attacks if I integrated some combos into my game.

  • Stop throwing random Tiger Uppercuts - I know it’s dumb to do, but I’m having difficulty stopping myself from doing it since it seems to work sometimes. I may have to just force myself to stop it even if it means losing every match for a while.

  • Super meter - Basically I don’t save it. I throw an EX Tiger Shot or EX Tiger Uppercut pretty much as soon as I get a bar. This probably isn’t the best strategy I imagine.

Which of these areas (or other things) should I focus on for now, do you guys think?


Hey ummm im fairly new to the community and also to the game seriously but as a fellow newcommer i think i might have a few answers.

I main ryu so the move sets are TOTALLY different.

I think you should prioritize your random tiger uppercuts. I had the same problem random DP’s and wake up DP’s were the worst and i learned it the hard way hahaha. <-- has a lot to do with mashing buttons or incorrect inputs jus take it slow and practice your tiger shot and tiger uppers so you know exactly the inputs for both.

Like i said im pretty knew to all this so thats all i the advice i can give because although i can combo im not to great at handling my super meter and fadc combos links just go into 1 category imo. But hope this helped :]. If you have a psn live in the states we should play sometimes im tryin to get better seriously but casual play is the best :]


Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: I will definitely work on less random Tiger Uppercuts.

It sounds like you are more advanced than me, but I’d still like to play sometime on PSN…check your PM. :slight_smile:


I’m not new, but im still learnin isht myself. As far as meter, you shouldn’t burn it right away unless you have a good reason too. Just need to recognize when its a good time to use it, especially since you need two meters to FADC. Combos aren’t as important as far as basics of the game. But when learning how to incorporate them, learn which one is your bread and butter combo and which one you’ll use for punishing whiffed moves, do them in training mode, then do them in training mode against random block, and then try it out online.

So from what I think, you should focus on not doing random tiger uppercuts since you can’t defend whiffs, and not using up meter since its useful throughout the match. But as I said, I’m not an expert


Like other users said you should first and foremost stop spamming tigers. It’s a bad habit and not one you should get used to. Randomly tiger uppercutting on wakeup to keep your opponent honest is fine (here and there). However after you do it regardless of whether it hits or not expect your opponent to block next time and you to get punished. So, just play it safe. Don’t do them often unless you have 2 bars and can FADC them safe.
Don’t worry on combos. You’ll learn them in time and you can win this game with normals and simple combos. You can work on incorporating simple combos like cr. mk or cr. mp to low tigershot just to mixup your game. There are much more useful combos, but these 2 are really simple. So, maybe they can be useful stepping stones.
Alot of people want to get in on Sagat. Learn to keep them out with your tigershots and alot of standing hardkicks to anti-air them jumpers.
You don’t have to keep your super meter, but don’t waste it blindly. If your opponent is jumping over every tigershot an ex one is just a waste. If you feel like using it fine. Preferably in a fireball war is best to just naked throw it. For example: You and a Ryu keep throwing plasma at each other throwing one then might just take him by surprise and hit him. I wouldn’t recommend the ex tiger uppercut. Again if it doesn’t hit it’s a waste. Really it’s only great for it’s invincibility naked. That however is a whole other topic. If you’re not comfortable with using super, combos, or FADCing. I’d just use your meter for angry scars (takes 2 bars).
Like everyone else you’ll get it in time if you stick with it.


There is nothing wrong with not using many combos. If you’re really winning using just pokes then you’re learning a lot of fundamentals other new players aren’t. If you don’t let anyone jump without getting tagged then you’re miles beyond other players who can do the most intricate combos.

Save your meter for when you do get a chance to combo. Not a lot of Sagat players do it but, Ex TU should be your go to combo ender. c.lk, c.lk, c.lp xx ex TU is the BnB combo you’ll want to learn. It does something like 224 damage. Your ex tiger shots should also be saved to help keep you at the advantage during fireballs wars (because they hit twice).

Doing random uppercuts is about the dumbest shit you can do. I personally wouldn’t throw an uppercut against a grounded opponent unless I had the meter to FADC it and since I would prioritize learing to FADC after you learn to stop doing uppercuts, you’re going to be going a while without uppercuts.

Why meterless Uppercuts are retarded: What does it get you on hit? It gets you a techable knockdown and 100 damage. You’re both reset to the same distance you were just at and the fight immediately resumes because of the techable knockdown. You havent even phased them and you have gained no substantial life lead or oki. What happens if it’s blocked? You lose 1/3rd of your life and subject yourself to your opponents oki. With meter it’s obviously a different story because you can turn it into an ultra combo and it’s completely safe but, you don’t know how to do that yet so just don’t do it!

Tiger knees are tricky and require very specific spacing but a general rule of thumb is that if only 1 hit gets blocked then it’s safe. For now I would stick to max range LK Tiger Knees to maintain space. They’ll either get knocked down and pushed back by it or they’ll block it and you’ll have regained some space and still be safe.

I know the Sagats forums are kind of a ghost town and the information is buried pretty deep but, there is a lot you should be reading there.

  1. Stop doing random upper cuts, trust me the punish you end up taking for a blocked or whiffed TU is not worth it.

  2. Learn a nice combo, it does not have to be highly complex or 15 hits or anything… Maybe just a 4-5 hit combo that you can consistently do to punish people when the whiff something.

  3. Save some of those EX bars to help you get out of a tight spot… Its better to have and not need than need and not have when it comes to EX bars…

  4. Use those knees, if you are hesitant then use them in a combo only.

  5. Go to the training mode and practice FADC cause it really helps for a lot of things not just to combo into an ultra.


Thanks for the advice guys, but sadly it looks like I won’t be able to really get into the game because of internet lag. :frowning:

I started in November, and it took a while to learn the stick. Then I was out of town (somewhere with a good internet connection) when I started playing, and was doing fine. Now, back home again and ready for serious level play, I find it to be just impossible to play at home on PSN due to lag. At least today it was so terrible that the game was broken. It’s actually so bad that the animation is choppy. I can’t do anything reasonable because of the lag…for example, I miss every anti-air because of it. Shorykens hit me because the game chokes at the beginning of the shoryuken animation. All I see is my character catching on fire; I don’t see the beginning of the animation.

I was really getting into the game too. :frowning:

I really wish that I could find some local players to play with. I’m in the NE Georgia area about an hour from Atlanta. I just mention this in case anyone lives in that area. :stuck_out_tongue: I tried searching this forum for things such as “Atlanta” and a few other searches to see if there is like a group of people who play offline, but to no avail.

I would like to continue playing, but not with lag so bad that the game literally freezes while playing.


Check this out and ask around you may find a couple of people in your area…



I wish I lived an hour away from local comp. I drive two hours to Detroit every other week to play with real people.


Thanks for that! Hopefully maybe somebody who want to play. :slight_smile:


If you do plan on having Sagat as your main, I recommend you learn his option selects. He has some nice ones. From personal experience, learning option selects really upped my game.


Nice to see another player being honest and looking for help, I’ve been there and still am, didn’t get serious about SSF4 till about 3 months ago. It’s really the most fun game I played, especially when learning something new, it’s now more than just fireballs and shoryukens, but Jedi Mind tricks and all the crazy stuff that happens in it. But my advice to you if I narrow it down is:

1.** Know your Characters Moves**: Normals, Anti-Air, Air to Air, Ground to Air, Special Moves, Supers, Ultras. (Focus on the normals, cause people just neglect those all the time for the favorable “Special Moves: Fireballs and Shoryukens, etc.”

  1. Practice the Basic Motions(Tiger Fireball, Uppercut, Knee), even if you know them and done them a million times, keep practicing, practice more on your worst side then your good side.

  2. Learn the Combo System: What is a Chain? What is a Link? What is a Cancel? Then find a “SMALL COMBO”, nothing flashy, just a simple combo that involves a chain, link and cancel. That will allow you to practice all three parts of a combo. Hardest part to learn for me was the Link, cause I was a “Masher” before I started taking this game serious and I gotta tell ya, I still suffer from “Masher Syndrome” from time to time, Mashin and hopin my move comes out, that will not only make you stupid, but get your ass kicked royally. I main ryu, so the one combo I learned that helped me learn the combo system was Cr.LP, Cr.LP,Cr.MP,Hadoken. Cr.LP to Cr. LP is a Chain, Cr. LP to Cr.MP is a Link, Cr.MP to Hadoken is a Cancel. After a while, you will understand the combo engine and everything else will be easier.

  3. Learn to Observe Meter: How much Health, Meter, Ultra do you have? How much Health, Meter, Ultra does your opponent have? This is very important, it can mean the difference between winning a round and a match, I’ve gotten my ass handed to me, cause I got all offensive happy on my opponent and then Boom! His ultra comes out, or an EX move absorbed my hit and he shift the momentum and I never recovered. Keeping an eye on it during a match, lets you know what your options are and your opponents options are. After 4 months, I’m still learning this, somethings can only be learned through experienced.

  4. Learn your options: If you’re knocked down, what are you gonna do? Tiger Uppercut? Dash Back? How about just block? In the heat of battle, Number 5 can be the number 1 thing you neglect, cause you just want to react with a Tiger Uppercut to everything, Might as well call it “GET OFF OF ME!!!” cause that’s what it is, a built in Panic Mode in ourselves, to save ourselves anyway we can, but the truth, it’s not always the best options and can get us our ass kicked even faster and growth never happens. Learn what you can do every situation and what your best option is, honestly, there is nothing wrong with Blocking and waiting till your opening happens, sometimes you have to create it, in this game, you have to admit that when someone is better than you, it’s best to pick and choose your attacks and block cause that will help you get the win over someone better.

6.** Don’t play people that are way better than you and just want to kick your ass from the get go**:, play someone on your level, that’s how you’ll learn, you can’t learn if you can’t try something and you’re getting your head pounded in. No shame in playing people who are lower level then the peeps you wanna play, unless you just like gettin your ass kicked for fun and don’t want to learn, the “pros” will respect someone who can admit and say to them, "Hey, I’m not a pro, I don’t know how to FADC or Combo at all, all I do is Shoryuken! for the life of me, then pretending your a badass and then get your ass kicked cause then you’ll look stupid and be ridiculed and known as the guy who thought he was better than everyone else and got his ass kicked. Granted there are assholes out there who are good and think they are better than everyone, Stupid, but fact of Life.

This should be enough to get you started, I’m no pro, but from my time of playing this is what I learned, in the 4 months I’ve been around this game and community of gamers, not just in Shoryuken.com but on the internet and arcades, etc. Just have fun learning at your own pace. If I recommend a good tutorial video that helped me out personally, I’d recommend go to Youtube and type in VesperArcade and watch his tutorials, but only the first few chapters should matter until you master the above somewhat before moving on to the more complex tutorials about FADC, and all the goodies that make this game the best fightin game ever!