Would like to modify an old arcade cab to play SFIV

Hey guys any of you done this yet? Right now im using an old CRT tv hooked up inside my old hyper fighting cabinet…I have my xbox 360 hooked up to it with happ parts…

What i want to do is have another cabinet for my PS3 but using an LCD tv & japanese stick/button parts…Have any of you guys ever modifed an old cabinet w/ these parts? Please post pics if you have…What size LCD did you use? Can a JLF/Seimitsu able to mount in the control panel w/o modification?

I wouldn’t change a thing about that, honestly…

edit: But, uhh, it’s easy to install snapins if you have a metal panel. Screwins are a bitch. You might have to widen the holes a bit, but it should be legit from the getgo.

The stick is another confusion question I’m unsure of.

get an hdtv thats about it.

Oh im not changing that setup at all, i love american style parts…That’s for my xbox360 setup…Im going to get another cabinet for my PS3 which im trying to do all japanese…

Yeah i dont think i’ll have a problem with the buttons…Im concern on trying to hook up the mounting plate on american cab…I dont have a spare jlf to check this…

I’m guessing you’ll probably want to top mount the plate since the JLF needs to be closer to the surface than the Happ joysticks. Cut a hole out for the body of the joystick, then route out a place on top for the mounting plate to lay and drill holes for the bolts.

If you’re going for a laminated control panel (and not plexi with art underneath) you’d probably need to sandwich the mounting plate in the middle of some layers of wood for strength (route out an area in the thicker piece of wood for the plate, of course).

It’s late. I’m not sure if any of this is making sense.

depending on the panel you may have to either route out the bottom so that jlf sits high enough to be comfortably play. Or top mount it. Though I’ve never used any mounting plates so I’m not sure how or why people like those… I just drill holes and put in the screws and nuts on then I’m done lol.

I’m not making much sense either.

I’ve bee drinking and it’s hella late.

The control panel of my arcade stick is metal…I’ll take pics of it later…

So what about LCD screen, what do you guys think would be a good size to put in one…I was able to fit a 27" CRT tv …Im going for wide screen LCD im guessing i should go for something a little smaller, maybe 23" not sure if 26" will fit…

I seen on the neo geo forums a couple years back that someone used a router and cut underneath so that the wood was thinner in the joystick and button area. Then they just mounted it in with the usual bolts and viola a Japanese stick in a wood cab.

Im sure if you head over there and asked a few of the older members about it someone can post a link to the post im talking about since this kind of mod isn’t common and the post showed step by step instructions with pics.

thanks for the suggestion, but my control panel is metal…

Im thinking i would probably just drill holes & put the screws on top…It will look ugly but maybe i can make artwork for the panel & then put a plexi over it…

If its too much of pain i’ll just stick w/ IL sticks & japanese buttons…

I have my jlfs mounted on the bottom with the screw heads on top. I can at the very least say that they don’t get in the way of play. Though I don’t have any artwork on it either.

If you have the time can you post up pics Shinjigohan…Would like to see how it looks…

not the cab I’m talking about but I did the same thing when I built DreamTR’s cab and heres the pic’s from that

http://www.streetfighterex.info/PICT0058.JPG american style but still mounted the same way.

Damn, I’d love to have a cab with Happ controls and a CRT. I wish I could find someone local who would dump one off on me. I’d get one of those composite-vga boxes, hook up a PS2/360/Xbox to it and go nuts.

Get someone to weld bolts underneath your control panel top that you can use to mount the joystick plates to. I have a Dynamo cut corner cabinet similar to your first photo that I am installing Japanese parts into and this is the method I am using. My cabinet plans are on hold right now until I get these sticks I’m working on out the door though so I don’t have any pictures. :sad:

As much as it goes against the original design of your cab… you GOTTA get a HDTV in there. SFIV on a SDTV is not good… we have it set up at work, and man, it looks so bad compared to my TV (which is NOT great, but good) it hurts my feelings!

out of curiousity, couldn’t you use the bolts as aligners and then weld the stick base to the control panel?

Having an old cab is cool. Wish I had the space since I’ve seen several of them for sale around here for only a few hundred bucks.

I use to love the old 2 part pedestal cabinets they used for SF and other Capcom fighter. Anyone have one?


Awesome, DO WANT!