Would like to see PS-14-KN (not white) modded stick w/ art inside button

Would like to see how the stick art looks through the translucent tinted colors(pink, purple, blue, etc)…From what i read before is that it was clear but then i read some where else that it has tinted color depending on the color you choose. I did not know this, i would have ordered the white ones instead…

So please post up pics of sticks that has them. That way i can determine whether to place another order…


Browse www.joystickvault.com or the I love my custom stick thread, you might find something there.

That’s the thing, i see stick all the time w/ art underneath but im not sure if those are mixed w/ clear buttons…That’s why i want an example…

I’m doing 1 with blue buttons right now. I’m waiting for the artright now so soon as it gets here I’ll post pics.

Art or not, the outside rim would still be tinted with the buttons color so if you see any with a colored rim but clear plunger then the answer to your question is colored buttons don’t tint the art under the plunger.

These are the red ones:

^The top left one is the clear plunger ones.

Dude you’re not helping at all in this thread…

Thanks Canto that’s what i wanted to see…I ordered purple, blue, & pink…Does anyone have pics of those?

Looks a bit dark, looks like have to buy a bunch clear ones…

Anyone else?

check my pics in the TE plexiglass thread or the I love my custom stick thread. I used purple buttons with art in them.

Here is Zulfi’s Namco mod, with help from me through Private Messages:

Here is donkey show’s Pedostick-TE:

Yeah i saw that pedostick & was just about to post it here…Looks like it will turn out ok…