Would love to see everyone's EVO results

Naturally, none of the CO-Locals made it into the top 7, but it would be nice to see everyone’s final rankings just to gauge how far they went.

I’ve actually never been to Evo, but I would really like to know how some familiar faces/names from around here have done. I know of people here who have gone to Evo every year and tend to win local tournaments. Their skill and dedication (and just natural talent) is leaps and bounds beyond my own, and it really makes me wonder how they do on the national scale.

I’m sure there are others that know people locally and would like to know offhandedly how those people are doing at Evo. Especially us people who live in these no-name (where fighting games are concerned) states, or even in other countries.

I think it’s very hype-worthy information, that we all could benefit from. It could be some tiny little link on evo2k.com and just be a text-file for all I care. Or even a part of the DVD inserts.

The years I’ve been there I’ve taken the brackets and written them up for the Tournament Results forum, but I couldn’t make it this year, and I don’t know if anybody else wrote them up. Generally only the results on the Top 32 at most have ever been available: it’s just a lot of data and a pain the ass to write up, even for the top 32.

You also don’t name the people nor the game, so – who knows. :smile:

i remember a thread asking for these but Wiz said… nope sorry

Good luck getting the scene more exposure when people don’t even know who enters and what place they get.

Thread title is a great idea.

I agree… The person who finishes last is no less important to the scene than the one who wins. The complete brackets/standings should be listed on EVO’s website.

second that. iirc they used to post full results…atleast for b4 and b5

i got to losers finals in cvs2(pool a, 2k8)…tied for 17 i guess?