Would really appreciate some honest advice


So I’ve played fighting games and followed the community for a long time. I’ve enjoyed being a casual player for quite awhile and have recently acquired my first fight stick (Hori Ex 2). I would appreciate it if someone could tell me how far off that specific stick is from the feel of a tournament level one, as I’d love to start being competitive but if the feel of the buttons (of competitive grade sticks) are comparable to that stick then I’m not so sure I could consistently do much of anything. The buttons just feel off and I think the gate is pretty restrictive as well (judging solely off of my own opinion and comparisons to online reviews).


And after reading the FAQ I am sorry for the ignorant wrongful use of terminology, was completely unintentional and will not happen again.


Anything works really.
If you don’t like the feel of it, then go buy another one


theres really no wrong stick…i use a hitbox but thats a good fit for me…ive seen guys do well with a sf4 se…Hori makes a good product.