Would SF3 be more popular if classic character cast were used?

The parry system makes SF3 a unique SF game compared to others. Nevertheless, it is considered one of the best 2D fighting games, let alone best SF game.
However, many people do not take up SF3 or have no interest in pursuing the game when they see the unfamiliar cast.
Maybe they expected an upgraded game with the same characters, continuing story. But they see these new characters like Necro and Twelve, Elena, etc.

But SF3 is popular among the people who have become used to these set of characters. The question becomes, would SF3 have been more popular, and more people pick it up, and more people upgrade to it from ST and SFA3… IF THEY HAD ORIGINAL CHARACTERS?

The parry system and game system would be same, but the characters would be Dhalsim, Vega, Sagat etc.

Do you think it would be possible that Capcom make a ‘remix’ of SF3 with this same game system, but adding in characters like Dhalsim and Sagat?

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