Would somebody be willing to construct this FWG for me?

I’ll pay parts+labor+shipping.

I’d like somebody to construct an FWG for me that has a female SEGA Saturn control pad input and a male SEGA Genesis controller output. I’d also appreciate it if the person willing to take on this task makes sure that it is compatible with the Power Base Converter. Thank you.

I would start by getting into contact with one of these stick modders/builders found in this post:

Preferably someone local to you. You’ll net better results.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for the tip.

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PM Gummo, I went to him for a similar custom adapter, a FWG set for Sega Saturn wired to a dual-modded Xbox 360 TE + MC cthulhu all set into a project box that is roughly the same size as a NES game pad and twice as thick.
Gummo does good work, but he might not be cheap.

Alright, I’ll give him a shot. Thanks.

Lemony Vengeance from Neo-Geo.com is working on a SEGA Saturn controller to Neo Geo adapter for me right now. Hit that guy up if any of you guys are interested.

Don’t you mean from SRK?


I’m watching you… :smiley:



Tested with my 4 slot MVS and no problems were manifested.

This is on its way out to Brad as I type! he should be getting it within the week.

WOW You should make Saturn adapters for everything. I would buy a few.
I have 3 Saturn-USB adapters and they suck, already lost 60 USD on those.

I might have to give Lemony Vengeance a ring if I ever get a consolized MVS board.

I received Lemony Vengeance’s adapter in the mail today, but I’m unable to test it out because my Neo Geo stuff is not with me at this address. I’ll give you guys a little video of it in action once I get time.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for blueNINE to get back to me on the SEGA Saturn controller->SEGA Genesis adapter I inquired about.

I was able to test out the adapter today and it works flawlessly. I just need to get used to the remapping, but at least it’s easy to execute. Thanks a bunch for making this for me. And once I have the time to do it, I’ll provide video of me using it.

Oh, and hey Lemony, if I don’t get a response from blueNINE soon, would you be willing to construct a SEGA Saturn controller to SEGA Genesis adapter for me? I want the adapter to be compatible with Master System games through the Power Base Converter as well, an issue regular Genesis controllers faced when trying to play certain Master System games with them. If you are willing to take on this task as well, it’ll be the same deal as before: I’ll pay parts+labor+shipping.

The cost on these is $65. they could be more, but I’m keeping them low because I do things for the community. All I ask is for Mt. Dew money, that’s all.

PM if you would like one made :smiley:

Yes, I can make you one. I’m all moved and ready to go on this :smiley: PM me here or the NG.com forums.